LARTE Design Lexus LX570 Alligator Bodykit Brings Exotic, Designer Feel to VIP Fave

 LARTE Design Lexus LX570 Alligator Bodykit Brings Exotic, Designer Feel to VIP Fave

Considering that the Lexus LX570 is the ride of choice for VIPs worldwide, the exterior of the truck is remarkably demure.

Yes, the updated 2014 factory LEDs and grille design help distinguish the LX570 a bit from its Land Cruiser cousin — but where is the visual punch, the sex appeal and pure aggression of the hottest Cayennes, QX80s and Mercedes SUVs?

For an LX570 that will take you (*and your family!) safely into and out of hot zones around the world — while looking exotic, exclusive and even more expensive than ever — the Larte Design ‘Alligator’ pack is a very effective makeover.

The sharp and choppy nose and tail detailing has strong flavors of the best Lamborghini’s — all wild angles cutting the bluff front clip design into a much racier face. The sliced vents, fresh grille detailing and integrated double LED fog lamps down below are all layered and intersect in a fairly artful way. Certainly one that will draw eyeballs and flashbulbs far quicker than the stock machine.

Is this what buyers want? Perhaps not on UN missions — but back home, absolutely!

Expect to create a commotion wherever you go… with traffic on the 405’s fastlane clearing in front of you like Moses parting the Red Sea.LD lx570 gif lights

Larte Design has offices in Germany and California in addition to its home base in Moscow — providing a one-stop upgrade shop where owners can drop off their LX570 for its superhero conversion by the experts.

The body kit elements are sold together or a la carte, with global shipping and installation assistance available for customers worldwide. Ballpark pricing? Around $15k before installation and paint matching.

The Larte Alligator kit will fit any LX570 of this bodystyle — and the team could swap out a pre-2014 truck’s main headlights for the latest arrowhead LED units at the same time.

A wishlist for the a possible stage two Larte LX570? Some kind of lowered ride height and custom sill extensions to take the place of the factory running boards. We’d also nix the roof rack and perhaps add a supercharger, too. =]

Included below is the latest video plus 75 new photos of Larte Alligators in grey and white.




LARTE Design Lexus LX570 Alligator




The Lexus LX570 just joined the designer upgrade roster at Larte Design in California!

This monster-truck makeover sees the family/luxury SUV become something altogether darker, more sinister and more exclusive.

The trademark Larte Design style is present up front, where the makeover is the most significant with matte-effect dark trims and a newly-chiseled lower bumper.

The Larte Design LX570 program is dubbed “Alligator” and just debuted this week at the Moscow auto show — where buyers give a first-hand look at this stylish upgrade for Lexus LX570 owners.

LARTE Design Lexus LX570 Alligator




LD lx570 gif lights


LARTE Design presents white Alligator based on the Lexus LX 570 

Holy reptile!

White crocodiles and alligators are a very rare sensation and sometimes even regarded as holy animals. Now, LARTE Design presents a white Alligator on wheels – the specially tuned version of the popular Lexus LX 570. And holy cannoli: This bodywork is really adorable.

Premium tuner LARTE Design has turned the full-size SUV into a much aggressive car, using a complex body kit made of high-quality fiber-glass. Under the black radiator grille a huge silver brace makes for a predator-like appearance. Then we have the LED daytime running lights specially manufactured by the German supplier Nolden. The ragged front is also adorned by irregular edges, protrusions, slants and elements and huge air inlets bearing grids.

And the car also has a striking rear bumper with a diffuser insert of a different color. On the sides, we find narrow air slots, which fit the reptile look very well. The chromium-gleaming exhaust pipes in their striking rhomboid design are the hallmark of the LARTE Design exhaust system. The kicker is the electronic valve control, which provides drivers with a better range of sounds, if you put the pedal to the metal. See you later, Alligator!

LARTE Design Creates Killer Alligator Upgrade for Lexus LX570 6 LARTE Design Creates Killer Alligator Upgrade for Lexus LX570 9 LARTE Design Creates Killer Alligator Upgrade for Lexus LX570 8 LARTE Design Creates Killer Alligator Upgrade for Lexus LX570 7 LARTE Design Creates Killer Alligator Upgrade for Lexus LX570 2 LARTE Design Creates Killer Alligator Upgrade for Lexus LX570 3 LARTE Design Creates Killer Alligator Upgrade for Lexus LX570 5


European-Based Luxury Tuning Company Announces Latest Tuning Kit at 2014 Moscow International Auto Show

Menden, Germany (September 4, 2014) – Larte Design, a European luxury tuning company specializing in the personalization of premium SUVs, just unveiled its latest tuning kit for the Lexus LX 570, called “Alligator,”  at the 2014 Moscow International Auto Show.

Designed with a sense of animalistic attraction in mind, the aggressive, yet elegantly understated Alligator kit by Larte Design adds a number of luxury options to the spacious 8-seater LX 570. The complex body kit is made of high-quality fiber-glass, includes a custom trapezoid-shaped grille, modified front and rear bumpers, Larte’s Logo-shield and an exhaust system with electric valve control tail pipes. Distinctive aesthetic highlights include irregular edges, slants and pointed sides, combined with crisp lines and a masculine stance, making a powerful appearance.

Larte Design’s Alligator kit meets the highest technical standards and includes components from renowned manufacturers such as Nolden who supplied the LED daytime running lights and Austrian supplier Remus, who provided the kit’s rhomboid exhaust pipes dressed in gleaming chrome.

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Additionally, Larte uses color to add Alligator-styled detailing to the kit. Under the front guard, a chromium brace is painted in martial black to accent surrounding lights and air inlets, and sits on specialized wheels.

In addition to the Alligator tuning kit, Larte Design offers a wide range of customization options for premium SUVs including Infiniti, Range Rover and Mercedes. Each kit offers aggressive yet luxurious detailing for those eager to add unique touches to their vehicle.

U.S. customers interested in Larte’s personalization options can learn more by visiting

About Larte Design:

Larte Design is a luxury tuning company specializing in the customization of Infiniti, Range Rover, and Mercedes-Benz SUVs. The company’s tuning kit packages are designed to help auto aficionados express individuality and personal style to front bumpers, radiator grilles, and exhaust systems. For additional information about Larte Design, visit Like us on Facebook and follow us Twitter.


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