Best of Awards – 2015 Porsche MACAN TURBO – 4K Videos + 200 New Pics

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Love at first drive!

The Macan Turbo is your humble scribe’s ideal new machine in a fantasy 2015 new-car hunt.

Everything to all men and women, the 400HP V6TT, AWD, 7-Speed DSG are a solid base for a German GT-R SUV. But then we add PTV, Sport Chrono and PASM Air Suspension… 21-inch Turbo alloys and all the carbon options available?

You land sideways, grinning your face off around corners, and loving the unstoppable torque rush at all times.

The Yays

As the videos show, the Macan Turbo covers ground like a low-flying jet fighter. This is a truck that would excel at the Isle of Mann TT race. Somewhere its big grip, power and wheel travel could show up the WRX STi in its home element.macan turbo animation12

The biggest advantage of stumping for the Turbo Macan versus the Macan S?

Tail-out shenanigans. The Macan S needs some kind of road wetness to hang its tail out, chucking tarmac with all four paws. The Macan Turbo is happy to do this on a dry summer day. The result is a supercar-like rush of power that can hang wild tail-slides on command.

The Nays


The turbo 3.6-liter unit is clearly a torque monster, yet even in Sport Plus does not get shouty enough. This applies in the car as well as from the exhaust pipes. This quick video lets you hear the Macan Turbo exhaust note.

High-tech and boosty, but not gargle-y like the best AMG and Bentley turbo notes.

Secondly, the carbon side blades are embarrassing and not for all tastes. The equipment list is respectable as well from base — but goes really out-of-control half-way down the window sticker on the test truck.

Dozens and dozens of options. Perhaps better bundled somehow?  The 18-way powered and cooled seats might be the must-have shortlist that also includes air PASM and PTV via the Sport Chrono pack.macan turbo animation 3

Third, we are still deeply obsessed with the quad-LED DRL style of hot Porsches like this Macan Turbo. But disappointed to learn that the Macan Turbo disables its DRLs when headlights are on. For that setting, a lower LED strip in white and amber blinker strip are still some of the sexiest on the road.

If you want one 2015 crossover to be the fastest, most fun and most lux car you’ve ever owned — it must be the Macan Turbo.

The Works

The photo and video supply for our Macan Turbo first drive review is overwhelming in volume. Enjoy these 200-plus photos. Truly all sides, and even the suspension in raised mode for half the grassy marina shoot location.

2015 Porsche MACAN TURBO Review

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2015 Porsche MACAN TURBO


macan turbo animation 34