PRIOR DESIGN Makes MB S-Class Into Cold-Blooded Apex Predator Inside and Out

We’re becoming pretty big fans of Prior Design. The custom bodykit house brings a unique style to each of its models, without getting caught in some of the fairly tired ruts of the BRABUS or Mansory style.

This S-Class might not be the firm’s trademark widebody style — but it still packs a wallop of visual aggression and exclusivity.

Prior Design excels at fairly affordable upgrades that are some of the first-to-market for new exotic cars. Their preference for a composite duraflex material also means they can complete orders in a tenth the time of the carbon-fiber alternatives.

Despite that praise, most of the PD S-Class exterior is, in fact, carbon fiber…:/   But even so…. PD kits are still easier to procure than most.

These full kits ship worldwide and can be fitted and painted locally via a recommended car customs shop near you. This means Prior kits can be installed, painted and finished before some of those CF upgrades would even be out of CAD-CAM renderings.

But PD has big dreams, coach.

Wheels, suspensions and exhaust systems are the first extension toward making PD a full-service design boutique.

The next step after that?

POWERRRR!!! Obviously.

But after that?

POSHHHness…… Inside!?

Doesn’t quite glide off the tongue… but this cabin will leave you absolutely speechless.

In fact, my typing has stopped altogether.

To top some of the absolutely wretched mega-buck custom interiors for shock value and opulence, Prior Design has chosen exotic reptile hides paired with open-grain leathers and suedes.

It is a fresh look, and one that begs to be touched. Slowly at first…. will it bite!? Ooooh, he is cold and clammy!

Alligator or croc hide is loved by many luxury shoppers because it is so uniquely smooth and soft, and only gets better over time with buttery softness yet obvious deep texture.





Prior Design, Featuring Modesta Advanced Liquid Glass Coatings?

What is this, a rap battle downloaded from your dorm-neighbor via 2001’s Napster?!

No, no it is not.

These Modesta coatings are the highlight here. The Prior Design bodykits are just stage dressing.

Despite the oddly OOF (out of focus…) photos, the glass coatings in the paint are truly seductive and special. They make any paintwork feel three-feet-deep.

2015 Mercedes S-Class by MODESTA Glass Coatings Ft. Prior Design

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