Prior Design G-Class Aero Kit Now Offered as a Widebody

Prior Design G-Class Aero Kit Sometimes it seems like there are more customization programs for the G-wagen than there are actual G63’s in the world. Why is this such a popular model for posh custom overhauls outside and in?

Our theory is that the type of owner is naturally a wild extrovert already – so giant wheels, bumpers, hood, fenders and LEDs all fit the personalit type nicely. They are also generally super wealthy, too, which always helps sell merch.

Secondly, the G-Class is a fantastic starting point for customizers. Its block-chic design and frozen bodywork make it the perfect candidate for sporty bumpers, extra-wide fender flares and custom colors.

This Prior Design upgrade comes in standard or widebody flavors for around $15k. The wheel and tire upgrade is mandatory to achieve results and stance like this — while PD also offers a custom exhaust and suspensions to take the truck’s stance down tighter to the tarmac.

Smartly, Prior Design sells all its wheel styles in numerous colors and finishes. The PD1 shown below comes in six levels of bright silver to dark gloss black.

Prior Design G-Class Aero Kit


This product is made from quality Fiberglass-Duraflex mix. This material is characterized by an excellent surface finish that provides sufficient flexibility combined with high stability and allows for easy and inexpensive painting. Also, our parts are all made with excellent fitment with no modifications or alterations needed for the parts, which minimizes installation costs.

Fits all Mercedes G-Class [W463] models.


Complete PD Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit package includes:

PD Front Bumper


PD Rear Bumper


PD Widebody Front&Rear Widenings


PD Engine Cover


  • Mounting Material