Atelier Vitesse Launches AuDessus Bespoke Carbon-ization Services From New DC HQ

vitesse laferrari cfAn American startup challenging the likes of the world’s top tuners and car customizers!? Joining this Euro-heavy crowd of allstars like Brabus, KAHN, TopCar, Mansory and many more — Atelier Vitesse is breaking conventional rules right off the bat.

And its not s bunt: this new dream-factory is not even in California — but based in Bethesda, Maryland outside DC. Proximity to the huge loot up and down the east coast will be an asset for the firm, but their services are not a volume play.

The firm will makes its way by creating and embodying the wildest custom supercars.

Carbon fiber is core to the offering: with initial expertise clearly focused on the skills to completely reskin a vehicle. Example supercars show their ideals, with big names writ large. Aventador, P1, LaFerrari and more.vitesse lambo cf

But truly, the coolest part of the plan is that any car can have the upgrade. A cad-cam full scan lets them custom-create any panel — as discussed in the brief below. Then an owner will pick his or her preferred carbon-fiber weave designs, and the team will go to work. We’d ballpark they swap out up to 30 panels for CF items, so this will not be an afternoon job.

The demo cars and renders are all exposed carbon, but this is just to showcase the offering. In theory, you could just slap on a completely new exterior paint color or wrap. Or perhaps a mix of carbon contrasted with painted surface.

Sky’s the limit.

Pricing will be fairly buoyant as well. But exclusivity paired with huge performance gains? It may be just the match for supercar owners demanding the best, wildest upgrades available.

 vitesse 458 cfAtelier Vitesse Launches AuDessus Bespoke Carbon Supercars



Bethesda, Maryland – Boutique carbon fibre atelier Vitesse | AuDessus, manufacturer of bespoke automotive pieces, announces its launch worldwide.

Vitesse | AuDessus, (or “Superior Speed” in French), has just launched its services globally. The company handcrafts bespoke carbon fibre exteriors, interiors, components and monocoques for the world’s most exciting and exclusive automotive machines.

Using the best materials available and employing cutting-edge technologies, Vitesse | AuDessus produces one-off parts which meet, and often exceed, OEM standards.

“Our clients have already selected the very best in their lives,” says Vitesse | AuDessus CEO Stefany Sanchez. “Everything they own is a reflection of their unique taste: from their home, yacht or jet all the way down to their cufflinks. So why should they accept a supercar or exotic vehicle that is no different than the one in their neighbour’s garage? Thus, we had a challenge: how do we make something that is already incredibly rare, sexy and exciting even rarer, sexier and even more exciting? The answer? We adorn every inch of it in handcrafted carbon fibre.”

Vitesse | AuDessus offers full carbon fibre body OEM solutions for top-of-the-range extreme machines like the Bugatti Veyron, McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918, Lamborghini Aventador and many others.

“At Vitesse | AuDessus we provide our clients with the opportunity to tell a better story,” explains Sanchez.

To that end, the company encourages its clients to become engaged in the planning and creative process: supercar owners are furnished with the latest 3D renderings and physical samples to help them establish their personal mandate, and Vitesse | AuDessus’s creations conform or diverge from OEM standards accordingly.

This novel ‘Saville Row experience’ offers Vitesse | AuDessus clients a selection of weaves, colors and final finishes; after every seam is planned, each piece is meticulously fabricated and finished by hand. The company also carries out the installation with an onsite visit, where feasible.

Carbon fibre exteriors typically range in price from $100k-$200k; bespoke pieces for Bugatti Veyron, Mclaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari and Ferrari Enzo may carry a premium over that.

Vitesse | AuDessus. Tell a better story.


For more information, contact Will Adams, Vitesse | AuDessus, USA ( or AV PR EMEA, China, India and Japan (

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Note to Editors:

Vitesse | AuDessus’s products are 100% carbon fibre, pre-impregnated with activated resin. After laying the fabric by hand, the part is autoclave-cured, then meticulously finished, again by hand. Creating a full carbon fibre exterior to OEM specs typically takes 6-8 weeks.

Vitesse | AuDessus offers onsite installation in the US, UK, Europe, Middle East and Singapore. The installation process typically takes 1-2 weeks. After installation, all original equipment is returned in pristine condition.

Carbon fibre offers extraordinary weight savings over aluminium and steel and increased structural rigidity. Beyond function, Vitesse | AuDessus carbon fibre creations are individual works of handcrafted art.

As with any luxury good, rarity is an important valuation component. There are few full carbon fibre exotics and supercars on the market today. Thus, each full carbon fibre automotive machine delivered may become more valuable than its standard version.