SMMT Test Days 2015 – Millbrook Off-Road Course Mega Gallery

PART THREE – The Millbrook Off-Road Course

The dirtiest truck in the lot at the end of the day? Not the Unimog or Defender… but the lowly Dacia Duster! Makes sense – off-roading can be perilous.

Second dirtiest? A mud-spattered Skoda Outdoor Estate.

Definitely looks like a fun day of testing.



Beautiful weather for the SMMT Test Days auto journalist event this year, with nearly 100 of the hottest new cars put to the test around numerous tracks and test scenarios.

The choice machines we have our eyes on? The new Audi TT-S, new Porsche GTS range, a few AMG GT’s, the SL65 World Championship Edition, the latest F-Type S AWD and manual-transmission, Clio RS, Audi RS7 and RS6, BMW X5M, RCF Carbon Pack…. the list goes on and on!

Seeing the vehicles at speed around Millbrook’s challenging alpine hill course gives a great view into the dynamics of these new cars — with the classic jump and landing shots showing suspensions under extreme duress.

SMMT Test Days 2015 – Millbrook Off-Road Course


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