AMG SLS Widebody 900GT By Prior Design Is Radical Design Upgrade

SLS Prior Design 900GT WidebodyHoly hell!

Get a load of the latest badass bodykit for the AMG SLS: the Prior Design 900GT Widebody.

The kit comes in around $30k and consists of two dozen new body pieces — which come ready to paint as standard, with CF available.

  • the four-part front bumper including the four lateral gills

  • the six-part front wings, the two-part bonnet with air inlets

  • the likewise two-part side skirts including blade

  • the four-part rear wings

  • the two-part rear bumper including diffuser

  • the five-part rear valve spoiler

As you can see, the effect is almost unreal on the SLS as a 2015 supercar. In many ways, this exotic platform and its gullwing doors might prove more collectible than the new AMG GT.

An even hotter idea? This 900GT pack on an SLS Roadster…!


 AMG SLS 900GT By Prior Design



For many years, the PRIOR-DESIGN company at Kamp-Lintfort on the Lower Rhine hits headlines with its exclusive aerodynamics parts – mostly in combination with noble light alloy rims and high quality exhaus systems. Tuning kits are created and materialized for cars of the most different types and manufacturers, joining sportive aggressive design with everlasting elegance. The team around Andreas BELZEK always goes in for the certain something, because the harmony of the whole conception is deciding.

This time, the „victim“ of an aerodynamic optimization is a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, mutating with PD900GT kit into a wide-body monster. More violence is nearly impossible. Of course, the widebody-kit is custom made for the already ex factory harmonic body line of the gull-wing doored car. Now, the vehicle implies in a still more intense way the good balance between elegance and super sports car.

The above mentioned kit PD900GT, giving the 6.2 litres V8 bolide a new, quite tantalizing PRIOR DESIGN look, consists of the following components: the four-part front bumper including the four lateral „gills“, the six-part front wings, the two-part bonnet with air inlets, the likewise two-part side skirts including blade, the four-part rear widenings, the two-part rear bumper including diffusor and the five-part rear valve spoiler. The price of the PD900GT kit is of 24,900.00 Euro. By the way, all the mentioned parts can be carbon made on customer’s desire (price on request).SLS Prior Design 900GT Widebody 1 SLS Prior Design 900GT Widebody 14

Fitting to its style, the SLS AMG is equipped by three-part Rotiform SNA rims in 9×20 ET0 with Dunlop SU 5P tires in 245/30ZR20 on front and in 11×21 ET5 with 305/25ZR21 on rear axle. The KW coilovers with 35 mm lowering are gentle, but very effectful. The exhaust system has 200-cells racing cats, fan-type exhaust and endpipe with valve control. As a matter of course, the conceived in highest quality installation is TIG-welded, all kind of junctions are made of milled material. In the result are about 40 HP (29 kW) more of power.

Last not least we want to talk about the possibility of performance increase by 30 HP (22 kW) with 40 Nm by means of chip tuning for another 3,000.00 Euro including mounting.
The only thing to do now is to get in and ride away …


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