2015 Ferrari California T by Tailor Made Evokes Hollywood Royalty of ‘Grigio Ingrid’ 375MM

2015 Cali T Tailor MadeThere is a timeless elegance associated with Hollywood and the global jetset enjoying 1950s Italy.

Thanks to commercial aviation — the world’s elite could now, for the first time in history, vacation in far more exotic locales efficiently and without any month-long boatrides there and back.

This magical era of big-budget Hollywood movies also was the first time films would be distributed globally as well, thanks to advances in projector and film reel affordability.6812242598_9f25e35305_h-tile

Upon arrival in Capri or St. Tropez, the stars of the day fell hard for all the accoutrements of the Italian luxury lifestyle — including Ferrari’s.

Ingrid Bergman widely epitomizes this era of topless sunbathing by day and ball-gowns by night. Although well before our time, Bergman is still a legend. She was the most famous actress in the world when she met and married Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini in 1950 — causing a kerfuffle with her movie studio back home (stars had to be moral figures during this time). This Swedish starlet felt cast off from the system that had embraced her wholeheartedly, and took refuge in Italy for most of the 1950s.

She and Jackie Kennedy are truly lasting icons of timeless elegance.

Her gilded cage was not a bad gig, mind you. Rossellini commissioned a custom Ferrari 375MM for her in 1954, and that car inspires the latest Tailor Made custom from Ferrari: the 2015 California T for Auto Shanghai.

Its custom Grigio Ingrid color is the most telling change from the Tailor Made customization, and shows how understated luxury may be the new vogue for Chinese super-luxury shoppers.

The 488 GTB and a tasty white California T with a gloss-black roof also grace the huge Ferrari stand at Auto Shanghai, opening to the public tomorrow April 22.

 Ferrari Auto Shanghai California T

2015 Ferrari California T by Tailor Made


Tailor Made Elegance

At Auto Shanghai a Ferrari California T inspired by two classic style iconsMaranello, 20 April 2015 – Today, at Auto Shanghai (April 22-29, 2015)Ferrari unveiled a particularly stunning bespoke California T. This California T was created especially for the Chinese auto show to illustrate how Ferrari’s “Tailor Made” program allows a client to commission a car according to his or her wishes.Since the 1950s, the Ferrari California series has embodied elegance, sportiness and versatility.
In keeping with this spirit, Ferrari’s design team chose to style this California T with timeless sophistication. For inspiration, the designers looked to two great icons of style, the actress Ingrid Bergman, known for her natural beauty and effortless chic, and the Kennedy family as personified by the graceful Jacqueline Kennedy.Finished in demure “Grigio Ingrid” a color named for the unforgettable Ingrid Bergman who chose this very shade of grey for the Ferrari 375 MM Roberto Rossellini gave her in 1954, this California T has a touch of understatement.
The interiors on the other hand are rich in materials and detail, taking their cues from the worlds of interior and furniture design as well as luxury goods.In particular the seats, in reddish brown, velvety“count prestige” leather, are a variation on the Kennedee chair by Jean Marie Massaud, a design that in turn was influenced by the style of America’s “former first family” the Kennedys.

Jackie Kennedy in particular was known for her impeccable taste not only in her own dress but in her 1961 redecoration of the White House. Waxed edges on the leather of the central console and the inside of the doors give the car an even more luxurious appearance.

Despite the vintage inspiration, the interiors of this California T still have a contemporary feel.

The matte grey metallic details on the dash board and central console lend a cool modern touch, as do the black Alcantara inserts in the seating. Even the floor mats are noteworthy: they are made of 100% pure virgin wool from New Zealand with a natural jute background, this is carpet normally used in luxury home interior decoration and have an exceptionally plush feel.

Combining a restrained exterior with superb interiors, this California T shows off the best of Ferrari’s Tailor Made program. It is a perfect demonstration of how the Ferrari design team can interpret design elements of the past, while giving them a fresh and innovative twist, resulting in a car that is strikingly beautiful.2015 Cali T Tailor Made