Best of Shanghai – 2015 Chevrolet FNR Concept Is First Self-Driver For Cool People

Finally!  A high-tech and super-advanced autonomous concept that is not just aimed at super-nerds!

Even though Shanghai is only just getting into its swing of new car reveals, we can be sure that the Chevrolet FNR will be one of the most memorable and intriguing vehicles on display.

The new Chevrolet FNR Concept just bowed in Shanghai to stunned crowds and camera-phone flashbulbs exploding in a cascade of light.

A sinewy mix of glass capsule and integrated chassis materials is a fascinating look at the future of car design. The FNR features some intense dragonfly double doors which side upward and back to reveal a four-seat cabin that is alarming in its unconventionality.

Open-backed seating is like a high-end office chair, while the entire dashboard is a panoramic holographic display.

The FNR is a full EV with a skateboard type of platform similar to the GM Flextreme – housing the entire battery and running gear in a slim slab below the floorboards. This makes for a totally open layout inside, with the front buckets able to spin around 180-degrees for a lounge seat setup during autonomous driving modes.

Overall, it is fantastic to see the General Motors Shanghai R&D center coming up with truly futuristic looks at Chevy design and technology in years beyond 2025.

2015 Chevrolet FNR Concept



Chevrolet-FNR Makes Global Debut at Shanghai GM Gala Night


SHANGHAI – Two Chevrolet models, the Chevrolet-FNR and all-new Malibu, made their global debut this evening at Shanghai GM Gala Night. They were joined by the Bolt EV concept and the 2015 Captiva, which made their China debut.

The new models were introduced as Shanghai GM celebrates the 10th Anniversary of its Chevrolet brand in China. They will appear alongside 12 other models on the Chevrolet display at Auto Shanghai 2015, this year’s leading auto show in China, which starts tomorrow.


The Chevrolet-FNR is an autonomous electric concept vehicle that offers a glimpse at mobility of the future. It was developed in Shanghai by GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) joint venture.

Engineering, design and electrification teams drew on their past experience developing electric concept vehicles. Their aim was to create a unique, intelligent vehicle for tomorrow’s younger consumers by utilizing innovative car networking technology.

The Chevrolet-FNR boasts a futuristic capsule design. It has crystal laser headlights and taillights, dragonfly dual swing doors, magnetic hubless wheel electric motors and a wireless auto-charge system.

The Chevrolet-FNR is loaded with a range of intelligent technologies usually seen only in science fiction movies. They include sensors and roof-mounted radar that can map out the environment to enable driverless operation, Chevy Intelligent Assistant and iris recognition start. The Chevrolet-FNR can also serve as a “personal assistant” to map out the best route to the driver’s preferred destination.

In self-driving mode, the vehicle’s front seats can swivel 180 degrees to face the rear seats, creating a more intimate setting. The driver can switch to manual mode through the gesture control feature.

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