Toroidion Reveals 1340HP, Quad-Motor EV Hypercar Prototype in Monaco

2015 Toroidion 1MW ConceptThe holy grail for EV hypercars is more motors. Just look at the huge leap in performance with the new Tesla P85D AWD model — boasting nearly 700-horsepower and able to blast to 60-mph quicker than ever before.

But with more motors comes more complexity — particularly when it comes to the power delivery in anything but a straight line. The system needs to be a virtual supercomputer to handle fairly typical torque-vectoring needs.

Toroidion is a startup supercar company from Finland that hopes its LeMans racing technology can create one of the quickest hypercars of all time. Designed with a one mega-watt power output, the Toroidion prototype indeed has four giant electric motors; one for each wheel.

The car also features a swappable battery pack to allow quick changes.2015 Toroidion 1MW Concept 242015 Toroidion 1MW Concept 22 2015 Toroidion 1MW Concept 23 2015 Toroidion 1MW Concept 16

The design is quite freaky in that swoopy and fiberglass way, but with some cool and unique cutouts for clamshell hood and tail access.

No performance figures are yet available for this first Toroidion show car, which is on display now at the Top Marques Monaco auto show.

We are heavily skeptical of the vehicle’s production potential, let alone any Bugatti-like performance claims. But there are some angles from which the Toroidion does seem like a very promising take on the EV hypercar best-of-the-best.

2015 Toroidion 1MW Concept

2015 Toroidion 1MW Concept