Vorsteiner GTRS4 Anniversary Edition Wears Superhero Blue over Red Wheels

Vorsteiner has swapped Austin Yellow Metallic for Yas Marina Blue on their latest GTRS4 widebody special — this car celebrating 10 years of outrageous tuning for exotic cars.

Among the few colors offered by the factory on the M4, Yas Marina Blue is probably the best of the lot. They are mostly pretty boring and/or ugly colors — aside from white and black, of course.

BMW Individual offers a gorgeous Fire Orange, but it is a $6k option that requires a long lead time via factory pre-order.

Vorsteiner is the opposite, though. They are wasting no time shipping their full carbon-fiber widebody aero package out to customers. We came across an Elite Customs Texas M4 GTRS4 the other month — just weeks after the kit was revealed at SEMA in Las Vegas.

You can be just as quick on the order trigger — shipping the kit worldwide for local installation.

We love the red wheels especially for how the emphasize the GTRS4’s huge width and track stretch. Evidence? Here is the before and after animation. Check out the front fender just beside the headlamp. As stock, it drops vertically at the headlight edge. The GTRS4 continues out horizontally for another half-foot on each side!

Painted wheels are also fun because you can change to color fairly easily with a re-spray in a year or so.

A SEMA show car for the road? And one that any M4 owner can add to his or her prized supercoupe?

Enter, the Vorsteiner M4 GTRS4 Widebody — a carbon-fiber kit so outrageous and sexy, the rear wheels look like steamrollers. Fenders so huge that this looks more like an M4 dually?

Hell yes!

Overall, the GTRS4 is 3.5-inches wider on both sides in back, and 2-inches wider per side in front. Overall, the performance enhancement offered by the GTRS4 is a huge upgrade in the grip available. Most rubber widths are constrained by the overall size and clearance of the fenders, but this kit solves for that very elegantly.

The included elements of the new GTRS4 package are below – with first orders coming in early 2015.


Vorsteiner GTRS4 Anniversary Edition

Yas Marina Blue

Vorsteiner M4 GTRS4


The Special Edition GTRS4 Package Includes:

• Carbon Fiber Front Bumper with an Integrated Front Splitter Element

• Carbon Fiber Wide Front Fenders with Ventilation (2 inches wider each side)

• Carbon Fiber Aero Side Blade Elements

• Carbon Fiber Wide Rear Fenders (3.5 inches wider each side)

• Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper with an Integrated Rear Diffuser Element

• Vorsteiner 90mm Quad Exhaust Tip Finishers (Options: Brushed | Diamond Black)

• Vorsteiner Embroidered Colored Floor & Trunk Mat Set

• Vorsteiner Chrome Trunk Badging

• GTRS4 Forged 3-Piece Wheels, 20×10.5J | 20×13.5J in Gloss Brushed Shadow


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