Collecti-Bangers Faceoff! 1977 Lincoln vs 1975 Jaguar XJ12C

PHOTO POLL BELOW!1976 Jaguar XJ12C Series II 5.3 Drophead Coupé vs Lincoln TC

The vast majority of all cars are not collectable. They will not appreciate past a certain nostalgia point, no matter how rare or how cool they are.

Usually, these cars just finish out their days in quite, affluent dignity before being junked or liquidated at low-ball auctions.

But every once and a while, these cars are included in a big-money sale like RM Sotheby’s. Usually in the catalogs because they are part of a large estate of more desirable vehicles, they shimmy their way across the auction block with little hope of a big score from buyers.

These two cars are basically pocket change for buyers spending seven figures on a classic Ferrari or Mercedes or Porsche. The Jaguar XJ12C sold for just above $5,000 in 2013 at the RM London sale, while the Lincoln earned a fairly stunning 15 grand at the RM Hershey, PA sale.

Both sold fairly near to their home markets to appeal to marque aficionados, they are both “classic” timecapsules of mid-1970s malaise.

Floaty rides, leaky mechanicals and strange looks in traffic? Yes — all come standard with these ‘collecti-bangers.’

Which would you take home? Vote below in the photo poll to see the results!



1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car




1976 Jaguar XJ12C Series II 5.3 Drophead Coupé

1977-Lincoln-Continental-Town-Car-12ad 1976 Jaguar XJ12C Series II 5.3 Drophead Coupé vs Lincoln TC