VW Teasing Second #VisionGTI Concept for Gran Turismo

2015 Volkswagen #VisionGTI ConceptVolkswagen’s Vision GTI roadster from a year ago was a fantastic entry into the GT6 racing world — but obviously the speedster is less than a practical look at what a GTI could be.

VW is releasing a second VGT concept, however, with much more real-world sharing with the GTI — at least in theory.

We only have a handful of images of the vehicle so far, but they are enough to be very exciting! The engine note alone is a fantastic tease of what a racing tune would sound like on the VW’s 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder.

Visually, the upcoming concept shares some design details with the 2013 Design Vision GTI, but is far more track-focused. Huge scoops and ducts appear in the hood as reverse vents, while NACA ducts are also embedded into the roof ahead of a huge GT3-style carbon wing.2015 Volkswagen #VisionGTI Concept 10 2015 Volkswagen #VisionGTI Concept 14 2015 Volkswagen #VisionGTI Concept 19 2015 Volkswagen #VisionGTI Concept 16

This enormous wing has major vertical elements for high-speed stability, curving down around the side of the hatch in back and into the widebody rear fenders. Into the open space below the wing are functional rear fender vents and a giant carbon-fiber diffuser down below.

Overall, it is safe to say that this latest Vision GTI concept is not production feasible — but even so, will be a really fun way to race in Gran Turismo with a superhero level of speed, grip and agility to take on pure exotics.


2015 Volkswagen #VisionGTI Concept


2015 Volkswagen #VisionGTI Concept