Update1 – Truth Time – 2016 INFINITI QX50 Is A Bad Joke?

Updated 4.1.15

Ummmmmm… if you wanted conclusive proof that Infiniti is becoming an embarrassing joke, it would be this “new” QX50 for 2016. Based on the LWB foreign-market model with absolutely hideous bumper detailing, the QX50 for 2016 is now roomier in the back seat than before.

But its styling and interior are still direct throw-backs to 2009.

So odd that instead of just canceling this unloved machine, they would trot out a tackier version and call it a new car.

We really hope for Infiniti’s sake that the upcoming Q60 coupe is a world-beater. Fingers crossed it is not just the existing model with some China-spec bumpers.


I used to be a big fan of Infiniti. My family owned more than five Infiniti’s over the years, and I spent much of high-school driving a G20 with a five-speed manual. Two Q’s, two G35’s and even an FX45 parked in our garage over the years.

But something is wonky with these latest concepts: the Q60 Coupe and QX30. They are trying so hard, it is embarrassing to watch.

Can you imagine driving this QX30 around town? It would be like wearing a tuxedo to IHOP. Or scuba gear to go visit a wading pool with your niece who is learning to swim.

They are just absurd. Blue fender flares on QX30 Concept? Absurd.

I also loathe the Infiniti communications team.  They are rude, unhelpful pricks.

Combine bad ads, bad PR, bad branding and bad design.

Result: INFINITI is doomed to fail.

Crispin Porter Bogusky in Miami is the new emergency creative agency assignment, while the head of the division was just canned last week “to pursue other projects.”

Expect some bizarre version of “Unpimp Your Auto” from CP+B in the next half-year to persuade us again that Infiniti is cool and relevant and worthwhile.

[CP+B previously did its first auto campaign for the VW GTI before being dropped like a bad habit.]

For Infiniti — anything they do will be too little, too late. The best thing they could recommend? Reverse the confusing name changes and drop the attitude and arrogance.

Most importantly, where are these cars? Why are they concepts? When will they actually launch?

With cars like this, it is hard to feel any sympathy.


Geneva 2015

Truth Time – INFINITI Q60 and QX30 Concepts Are Embarrassing Jokes


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