Amelia Island 2015 – Panoz DeltaWing LeMans Racer + Esperante GT

Panoz was well-placed at the Amelia Island 2015 Concours, with their first-gen DeltaWing racecar and the production Esperante GT. One is an incredible leap into the future of aerodynamics, speed and endurance racing brilliance. The other… a hopeless anachronism based on a 1995 Ford Mustang GT.

Sorry for the harsh words on the Esperante. The contrast of this thing with the Garage56 racecar from LeMans and the ALMS series just feels like a car from a different planet than a 20-year-old reskin of a 20-year-old Mustang.

Panoz DeltaWing

Panoz Esperante GT

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