Amelia 2015 Customs – 1970 Porsche 914-6 GT – Rally Rescue Pickup Truck

A surprise and delight to see thrumming up the Ritz Carlton driveway for the Amelia Island Concours? This extremely cool, one-off pickup truck Porsche. Originally a 914-6 GT, the rear of the truck has been lengthened, the suspension upgraded to full safari rally specification, and the Dakar-ready racing equipment added.

What might fit in this rather compact pickup truck bed? You name it!  Wheels, tires, Porsche engines, and perhaps even an injured road-warrior in a pinch.

The wide-body style and fenders bring a dramatic width extension to accommodate big off-road rubber and those hardy new suspension components.

With almost no weight over the nose, this 914 pickup truck is perfect for sailing over soft sand dunes like a balloon. The mid-engine setup ensures solid traction, while the upgraded 914-6 GT power will be helpful for towing and hauling.



1970 Porsche 914 Pickup Truck

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