Geneva 2015 Galleries – The ENGLISH! McLaren, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Lotus and MINI


Wasn’t that huge swarm of media intros and press conferences almost 10 days ago?

Yes, yes it was. The Geneva Motor Show is currently open to the public and the Palexpo center is packed wall-to-wall with the world’s hottest exotica.

Here is why we are revisiting this mega-show: there are 400 photos in our Geneva 2015 file folder that have not been published yet. Some of the cars are cool, some are curious, and some are normal economy hatchbacks. A dozen of the big reveals are in individual articles — viewable at the Geneva category page over here. 

But for whatever reason, these fine machines did not make it into solo posts.

Not fair, right? All photos deserve to see the light of day!

The cars could use some sun, too. The Geneva auto show generally delivers some of the darkest, nastiest photos anywhere on the planet. Perhaps an eco initiative to have all the lights turned to their dimmest setting? Or maybe half the lights in the ceilings are off — like at a Kmart going-out-of-business sale? Whatever the reason, we are fairly sure you have seen some lousy, dark and unpleasant images come back from this major motor show.

The second reason to give a **** is that we have put all these photos through some intensive Hollywood light/magic treatments in Photoshop to bring out their details.

Some details are still not well-lit — like the Aston VULCAN’s lower grille — but overall these are some of the best photos from Geneva 2015 that you will find. The Vulcan is probably the worst-presented award-winner for me, despite Andy Palmer’s hearty intro. The photos came back ghastly.

To make sense of this massive photo folder, let’s break things out by carmaker country of origin.

First off? The Brits!

Including MINI among Aston, Lotus and JLR, ‘Historical’ country of origin, in that case…?

Geneva 2015 Galleries – The ENGLISH













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