1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Honeymoon Express – Crown Opus For Freestone and Webb Coachbuilders


Freestone & Webb was one of the most prolific coachbuilders of its time – winning dozens of awards and working with a dozen brands during its run from 1923 to around 1958. This Silver Cloud I in sporty, two-door style is an extravagant and lavish masterpiece — perhaps the defining achievement of the firm’s run in the coachbuilt car business.

This 42,000-mile example in Mason’s Black is quite something in person. It is huge, first off.

Secondly, the flowing trunkline sinks slowly down toward the back bumper — creating the classic ‘leaned back’ stance of many legendary Rolls-Royces. But the ultra-modern styling really takes a wild turn in the edges of the trunk. Giant tail-fins on both sides stand proud of the main bodywork by nearly a foot. These are tall and proud – giving the Honeymoon Express a never-before-seen Rolls-Royce styling garnish.

American car-design influence is also visible up front, with slight hoods over the round headlamps and rocket bumper accents in bright chrome.

We adore the car.

This exact vehicle is currently for sale by Vantage Motorsports near Miami.


1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Honeymoon Express

1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I “Honeymoon Express” #SGE270



Elegantly finished Mason’s Black over Brewster Green lacquer with Buckskin hides, this 42,221 mile automobile was the subject of a fully documented no expense spared restoration by Vantage Motorworks in 2013.


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