2016 Mercedes-AMG GLE63-S Inside and Out From Amelia Island

The new GLE63 S Model made a fairly striking static debut at Amelia Island’s Ritz-Carlton hotel this weekend – stopping traffic and causing a commotion. This is the first-known outdoor showing of the new SUV Coupe muscle-truck, with its ultra-modern Benz nose in its sportiest, gloss-black best. This bumper on the hottest-yet GLE63 AMG Coupe — an all-new truck that is also heading to showrooms as the comparatively modest GLE450 AMG and a few other smaller engines.

Almost no bumper is actually left up front. Like the new AMG GT, the nose is almost a wall of intercoolers and radiators. All the better to cool the new twin-turbocharged V8.

The GLE-Class is interestingn up close. It seems far larger than the current X6, or perhaps just a bit taller. It has good angles and awkward ones, to be frank.

Thrilled to snap it in the real world, outside to give the truck its best light. We are prone to love the idea of a sporty AMG SUV, as always, and think the GLE63-S is a sure winner.

2016 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 – Exterior


2016 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 – Interior

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