Design Talent Showcase – Ege Arguden 2035 Aston Martin AMR-AP LeMans Racer

This design study by emerging automotive design all-star Ege Arguden is a fascinating look into the future of endurance racing. With ‘air power’ that compresses oxygen and converts it to wheel thrust, this future-tech racecar has many interesting facets to study even today.

Versus contemporary Aston Martin racing prototypes, the AMR-AP by Arguden is a massive leap into the future.

Even so, the 2035 AMR-AP design sticks with the things we know already work so well on the track: ultra-low nose, shrouded fenders, massive length and long-tail spoiler with numerous stabilizer elements.

The Arguden AMR-AP prototype is most special to these eyes by combining mechanical and aerodynamic needs with the evocative, flowing and graceful design that any race team would want.

Rather than a zillion laps of Le Sarthe, Arguden envisions a massive 24-hour race around the USA for his 24-hours of US Air Powered series. With little need for fuel stops, pre-planned tire change locales or ultra-strong, rubber-kevlar composites might make pitstops altogether a thing of the past.

Defined by flowing circular arcs with negative recesses for air intake, the AMR-AP prototype is a bold vision of future racecars– in a world where technology makes 2000-plus horsepower and 0.9-second sprints to 60-mph possible — right out of thin air.

With 430-mph theoretical top speeds, the future is coming into focus faster than ever in the AMR-AP design concept.


2035 Aston Martin AMR-AP LeMans Racer

By Ege Arguden


Stay tuned for more coverage of his design studies or check out Ege’s other projects over on Adobe Inc.’s design hub Behance.



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