2015 Chrysler 300C – Houston Auto Show Gallery – Space, Grace and Pace To Chomp A Jag

The new 300C is now the luxury flagship of the Chrysler brand – both objectively as the largest and most powerful, and subjectively as a conscious luxury crusier. The entry of the 300S makes room for the 300C to focus on rear-drive American luxury at its finest: roomy, zoomy and full of …… you-my?

Overall, the new 300C makes the existing package 3X as good, especially in the base V6 version. Yes, the AWD models still ride pretty high off the ground, and the leathers are cheap.

Yes, the new LED styles up front look the same at first, but are actually all-new SMD (ultra-bright) LED tech.

But still. Space is grace, and this 300C is also full of pace.

With the HEMI V8, that is.

But even with the V6, the new 300C is pretty preppy and eager. On the prowl, on might say, for XJ Jaguars.


2015 Chrysler 300C