Houston Tuner Highlights – 2015 BMW M4 by IKON Wraps

It is not so much the color of this yummy M4 wrap, but the quality of the execution and how nicely this satin wrap brings the M4 design to life.

Surprisingly, the M4’s color options are actually a serious, serious weak point of the vehicle. A total of seven shades are offered, and a few are simply grotesque. Step in, Austin Yellow Metallic!

When Dodge can paint a Ram 56 shades, and a Viper 8000 colors — BMW has a major competitive weakness with the lame and hideous colors offered on the new M4 and M3.

So while this Easter-egg purple might not appeal to you, it should give you a sense of what Ikon Wraps is capable of delivering to customers. Just ask for the sample book to choose a good shade… unlike BMW’s color-blind colorists….!

2015 BMW M4 by IKON Wraps


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