Rendering a DIY Black Pack for the 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe

We mentioned a few times that customizing the excellent 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe would be a quick and simple job as an owner. We’ve digitally envisioned this $500 upgrade from a few angles — and are stunned with the coolness of the results.

The rules are simple: no aftermarket parts of upgrades. Just trim tweaks: dipping the wheels in anthracite grey, tinting the windows to 20-percent, and changing the brushed-alloy brightwork into a black chrome or gloss black.

The hardest part of this upgrade, and perhaps the only one that would require a body-shop’s assistance for OEM results, is the window surround. This is actually four or five pieces and should be painted off the body, then reinstalled. We’d ballpark $200 in labor for that job, plus $30 in paint.

For the wheels and grille, a DIY plasti-dip budget would be $100, plus about five hours of your labor.

Tinted glass for the backlight and side windows? That is the remaining $170 of our $500 budget.

And poof. In one or two days, you have this stunning vision of a nightstalker ATS Coupe. The results would be even more eye-catching on a lighter color paintwork.

Cadillac ATS Black Pack








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