Fantasy ChopTop Renders – 2015 Mercedes S63 AMG is BOSS

For the S63, we explored a few cab-backward ideas as well as a simple roofline cut.

But could this be yours on the aftermarket, even with a big-bucks upgrade like the Mansory seen in the profile images?

A chop-top conversion is one of the hardest to handle with OEM quality.

A widebody is almost exclusively an exterior upgrade, but a chopped roofline requires some serious changes.

Roll cages, electronics, cabin trims, doors, doorframes and glass all need to be redone. Not exactly something you can eyeball along the way, or carbon-fiber your way out of CAD-CAM studies in advance.

But for visual impact, a roof like this on the Escalade that is almost a half-foot lower has almost no peers.

In fact, to deliver these ridiculously-cool visual results – not a drop of black-wheels or altered stance is needed.

But if you must have something like this in real life…. prepare to shell out big bucks executing such a fantasy for real-real, not just play-play.

2015 Mercedes S63 AMG ChopTop Renderings



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