Mecum Kissimmee 2015 Preview – 1970 Buick GSX

Switching it up briefly — this fly-yellow Buick GSX stunner also lived in the Wellborn stables…

A note here about “badge engineering.”

Sure, badge engineering got a bad reputation and still has one in the auto business. But it was not always about shameless profit-seeking.

It was about dealerships demanding a cool their-brand version of whatever popular car came out of these companies. This stemmed ultimately from buyer’s outcry for the same thing. In a time of fierce brand loyalties among whole families, they were much less likely to jump ship to a Dodge if they had traditionally owned Buicks.

The GSX was considered a classier, more luxurious option. It was still bonkers when the lights turned green on Saturday night, however.

The GSX’s flying rear pillars of this design are fairly iconic and have inspired many subsequent C-pillars on all brand of car for decades ever since.

So it might have been the dreaded Badge Engineering for this Buick.

But the GSX is one hell of a badge, and makes the whole thing seem worthwhile.


Mecum Kissimmee 2015 Preview – 1970 Buick GSX

The time has come.

Charger-palooza today with eight back-to-back posts of some of the amazing Mopar machines liberated from the Wellborn Musclecar Museum Collection.


Just kidding. These cars lived a happy and pristine life in the Wellborn Museum.

As true collector pieces, though, they may not have been doing as many stoplight dragraces as the badges intended.

Sunny conditions and cost-no-object acquisition and restorations by the Wellborn Collection means that these Chargers are arguably the world’s finest.

Wellborn Musclecar Museum Collection

If you fall in love with one of these, know you might never find a better one offered for sale — let alone a dozen plus to choose among, all at one auction.

Get your bidding cap on and checkbook ready for the Mecum Florida auctions in January 2015.

Photos by David Newhardt

Courtesy of Mecum Auctions

Mecum Kissimmee 2015 Preview

1970 Buick GSX




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