#BlackSwanMoments – 1969 McLaren M6GT – Fantasy Colorizer

 McLaren is running a series of teasers dubbed #BlackSwanMoments ahead of the arrival of the newest, and cheapest, sportscar some time in 2015.

We are on number 5 of 13 moments so far. They all touch on the magic of how McLaren came to be, what the company is proudest to have achieved, and how these impactful, breakthrough moments have inspired the new 2016 Sport Series of cars.

It is a dark and relatively moody look back at history, racing, innovation and Bruce McLaren himself. It’s deep.

Number 5 #BlackSwanMoment is our cherished 1969 McLaren M6GT, a car intended to kickstart McLaren Automotive way back in the day. In one of the photos below, you can see Bruce elated to introduce the first maroon prototype to a colleague. “Grinning his face off” is how we would describe the mood of the photo.

To honor the original deep burgundy red of the first M6GT prototype, we’ve prepared a colorizer to digitally try and match it. The B&W photos make it tricky, but having amazing and high-res snaps of another in McLaren Orange – from the Quail 2014 — helps give us a good starting point.

Along with trying to match Bruce’s joyous creation in red, we have a variety of other loud and exciting hypercar colors to enjoy.


 Why not just color the original black and white photos? It is very, very difficult to achieve anything like a modern, high-res photo’s results.

So let’s identify the players here. The McLaren Orange color is the actual M6BGT from Trojan at the Quail.

The red we are trying to match is this.


McLaren M6GT Colorizer


McLaren M6GT Colorizer




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