KAHN Design Range Rover RS600 Is Private Haven in Snow White/Gloss Black

KAHN Design will make you turn-key stunner like this or help you upgrade your Rangie a la carte via Kahn wheels, grilles, trims and styling pieces over time.

Either way, the results are definitely unique and striking. The level of vulgarity and hints of criminals behind the wheel goes up dramatically with any kind of matte or monochrome paintwork, so this white/black stunner is a great balance. Flashy and classy in all the right ways.

There are widebody flares on this car, and totally unique front and rear bumpers as well. The design of these pieces is so well-integrated and well-executed that it takes a minute to realize this is unlike any factory Land Rover.

We are not big fans of this particular RS600’s white grille, however, so that would be the only selection we’d alter if ordering one today. The Kahn leatherworks inside are also delightful just as they are: low-volume and softer than nearly anything manufacturers can include. Truly powdery and creamy in their smoothness, with that distinctive Kahn hatchwork for the panels themselves.

Lastly, this RS600 has something that many UK and European SUVs have been missing for far too long: properly tinted windows!  Say adieu to the days of Range Rovers showing the world their rear occupants as though they were a celeb’s naughty parts. This is ultra-private and appears to be the full 20-percent, or what they call “limo black” in the window tinting industry. Totally revolutionizes the Range Rover’s appearance, especially with the black contrast roof of this car.

We are impressed that the Kahn badges and even the head and taillamps of this example appear dipped in gloss black lacquer. Subtle but effective style.

Overall, a stunner and surely worth the approximately $200,000 that having it delivered to the USA costs. After all, this is still $90,000 less than the slightly silly price of the Holland & Holland Range Rover.

Value and style!?




KAHN Design Range Rover RS600





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