Mecum Kissimmee 2015 Preview – 1978 Pontiac Trans Am – Owned by Burt Reynolds

Do you like classic musclecars? Then you are in luck this week – we are featuring a dozen of the finest available from the Mecum Florida auctions in January 2015.

Do you also like Mustaches and wild burnouts?

If so, you are doubly fortunate with this Trans Am.  This Firebird is none other than Burt Reynold’s personal Pontiac Trans Am.

Not a movie car — his actual daily driver for a few years.

The Starlight Black* paint glows just as deeply today as it ever did, and the design of this Firebird is aging very gracefully. The C/B radio is ready to Copy, and the T-tops open much easier than Sally Field’s jorts.

*Mustache not included, but highly recommended.



1978 Pontiac Trans Am

Lot R202// Kissimmee 2015 //Jan 16-25

1978 Pontiac Trans Am
Burt Reynolds’ Personal Trans Am

  • Engine
  • Trans
  • Color
  • Interior

Pontiac created more than just a new car when it introduced the restyled 1970 Firebird Trans Am; it spawned what would become a pop culture icon. As other muscle cars faded through the ‘70s the Trans Am continued to carry the torch for high-performance American muscle, and it got its biggest boost when it was chosen as the star car for the 1977 hit movie Smokey and the Bandit that starred Burt Reynolds in the title role. Two sequels appeared in theaters later, but it wouldn’t have mattered, for Reynolds and his Starlight Black Trans Am Special Edition became instant pop culture icons. Both had come to symbolize the irreverent and good-natured character that was an archetype of the American male, so it is not surprising that Reynolds would own his own personal “Bandit” Trans Am. This 1978 Trans Am from the Wellborn Musclecar Museum is that very car, finished in Starlight Black with Gold pinstriping, polished “Snowflake” aluminum wheels and a Black interior. The car was owned by Reynolds from 2005 to 2009 and was also placed on display at the Petersen Museum. Powered by the Pontiac 6.6L V-8 engine teamed with a Turbo 3-speed automatic, this T/A gets extra performance from the optional WS6 Performance Package consisting of a larger diameter sway bar, tighter steering box gear ratio, GR70-15 raised White letter radial tires (in this case period-correct Goodrich Radial T/As) as well as the aforementioned alloy wheels. Reynolds had the car equipped with power steering and front disc brakes, air conditioning, glass T-Top roof panels and tinted glass, then added an Eclipse CD stereo, Cobra CD radio and custom leather seats with Bandit embroidery in the headrests. Documented with a copy of the previous title in Burt Reynolds’ name and personalized California license plate bearing BANDT22, the car also comes with Pontiac Historical Society documentation showing its origin as a factory Starlight Black Trans Am.


– Formerly owned by Burt Reynolds
– Documented with a copy of the previous title in Burt Reynolds’ name and Bandt22 license plate
– 15,881 original miles
– WS6 performance package
– 6.6L V-8 engine
– Automatic transmission
– Factory air conditioning
– Radial Tuned Suspension
– Power steering and brakes
– Polished Snowflake wheels
– Cobra CB radio
– Eclipse CD player
– Glass T-Tops
– Gold hood bird decal
– Custom leather seats with Bandit embroidery in the headrests
– PHS documentation shows factory Starlight Black car

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