2015 Lamborghini Huracan Stuns In Black-Chrome Wrap by PrintTech.de

2015 Lamborghini Huracan Black-Chrome Wrap gif

We all know Deutschland loves a good car wrap — but the latest executions are really something astounding. As wrap tech and varieties have expanded, German supercar owners are some of the first to create rolling flagships for this new customization option.

PrintTech.de is partnered with various supercar showrooms around Munich, even allowing customers to order these very-cool styling changes right from new.

The only issue with wraps? The tastes and trend-setters are moving at warp speed. First it was all about matte black, then matte grey, then foil mattes — but we are on to a new phase of coolness: the black chrome mirror wrap of this Huracan.

Chrome wraps are lovely but too flashy for most people. This black-chrome foil wrap is outstanding in still being reflective and multi-faceted like the best polished-alloy, but now a darker and more menacing undertone adds drama to the shock/awe effect of a mirrored supercar.

It looks outstanding on the Huracan and PrintTech.de clearly has much expertise to create such a flawless finished product. Very cool in the sun and shade, but cool-as-f*** at night and under lights!

2015 Lamborghini Huracan Black-Chrome Wrap

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Lamborghini Huracán wrapped in Centurion Black Chrome
The perpetuation of a story of success by PRINT TECH
If to speak about complete car wrapping and/or brilliant car design, there is no way around the Munich PRINT TECH company. Since many years, the Bavarian protagonists surrounding the PRINT TECH company owner Giancarlo DE PADOVA become talking point again and again, if the matter is to wrap exceptional cars with furious techniques into a new outfit, thus acting as trend setter. The fascination of complete car wrapping with lively colors is practiced again and again each day.
Passionate decisions must not be unreasonable, not at all. Quite the contrary! That is what happened with a Lamborghini Huracán: In the result of the absolutely professional application of complete wrapping type „Centurion Black Chrome“, the bolide experiences a marvelous metamorphose, letting shine the Lambo in a really other light. Thereby, the advantages of complete car wrapping are obvious. That is on the one hand the protection effect, because the original paint is being protected optimally.

In addition, the car can be transformed into its original state without any problems and at any time. On the other hand, the materialization of even the most eccentric color desires attract the mostly envious regards of gentle viewers like magic. Thanks to the most close links to different manufacturers, PRINT TECH has always its finger on the pulse of the time and is able to offer each shade of color also in mat version, fact appreciated by each one of the steady customers in Europe.

The complete wrapping is 7,500 Euro.
The fact that the quality of the partial and complete wrappings made by PRINT TECH have got more perfectly during the last ten years is uncontested, likewise the fact that the new car color orientations are available for a fraction of the price for new or repainting of the car.

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