2015 DELAHAYE USA Pacific Is Ultra-Chic V12 Homage to Art Deco Masterpieces

delahaye usa gif1 pacificWhile researching the Delahaye 135M Figoni et Falaschi article yesterday, we came across Delahaye USA — a custom fabrication specialist with two stunning models in the current range. The Pacific is an ultra-long and low homage to the classic Bugatti Type 57S, but powered by a modern V12 and bodied in carbon fiber.  The Bugnotti is a nod to the Delahaye Type 165, but vastly different in design.

Modern running gear and standard AC make Delahaye USA a one-of-a-kind option for those seeking art deco design, exquisite craftsmanship, and fully bespoke choices for every possible element along the way to creation.

To say that the results are impressive is a serious disservice!  The Pacific and Bugnotti are absolutely spellbinding.

The thing with the real Bugatti is that it is tiny and extremely narrow – plus the values make it nearly impossible to drive safely on the road. The risk of damage or even a stone chip to a $30-million vehicle is enough to keep them safe and secure in climate-controlled vaults for 364 days a year.

But Delahaye USA is not just a replica house, like Pur Sang in Argentina and a few others. The Delahaye USA plan is to ‘recreate the most beautiful cars in the world.’

And by recreate, Delahaye USA brings a huge amount of creative vision to the table. The designs alone are works of rolling sculpture – and will stop traffic like no Lamborghini or even authentic Bugatti ever could. They are Hollywood stunners — but available in your driveway and starting up on the first try.

Pricing varies, but we would ballpark about $250,000 at minimum for either model. Contact info and more details on Delahaye USA are available at the below link!




2015 DELAHAYE USA Pacific


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Our stylized re-interpretation of Ralph Lauren’s famed 1937 Type 57S Bugatti* Atlantic

The most beautiful Atlantic that was never built, until now:

From the outset, we didn’t want to build an exact replica of the Atlantic. Artisans like Erik Kouk, Jean De Dobbeleer, Crayville, and others have done admirable work faithfully reproducing the 1937 classic. Instead, our goal was to build a modern, stylized tribute to the 57S that still respected Jean Bugatti’s original vision. The Pacific is the result.

Bugatti Aerolithe at Atlanta ‘Dream Cars’ Exhibit


Atlanta Dream Cars - 1935 Bugatti 57S Competition Coupe Aerolithe Wears Gorgeous Elektron Magnesium Panels11 Atlanta Dream Cars - 1935 Bugatti 57S Competition Coupe Aerolithe Wears Gorgeous Elektron Magnesium Panels16 Atlanta Dream Cars - 1935 Bugatti 57S Competition Coupe Aerolithe Wears Gorgeous Elektron Magnesium Panels5 Atlanta Dream Cars - 1935 Bugatti 57S Competition Coupe Aerolithe Wears Gorgeous Elektron Magnesium Panels9

Classic, Pre-War Styling on a Modern Platform

Chassis & Body

With an 127-inch wheelbase, the Pacific’s custom steel-tube chassis measures ten inches longer than the 1937 original. Cook’s design gives the Pacific a masterful road presence with substantially more driver and passenger room. Building the body from composite let us realize the Pacific’s design without the cost and time consumption typically associated with all-metal builds.2015 DELAHAYE USA Pacific 27 2015 DELAHAYE USA Pacific 26 2015 DELAHAYE USA Pacific 24 2015 DELAHAYE USA Pacific 25 2015 DELAHAYE USA Pacific 23 2015 DELAHAYE USA Pacific 28

2015 DELAHAYE USA Pacific 29Drivetrain

A fuel-injected 4,988 cc (304 cubic inch) BMW 12-cylinder motor mated to an electronically controlled four-speed BMW automatic transmission provides power to the Pacific.


Both the tubular-beam front axle and the nine-inch Ford differential employ leaf springs to give the Pacific a smooth ride. The wire wheels are 3.5 x 19 shod with 3.50/4.00-19 radial tires up front (and spare). The rear hosts 5 x 20 wire wheels with 4.75/5.00-20 radial tires.


The stainless steel tubular seat frames are exact copies of those from Ralph Lauren’s Bugatti* Atlantic. We fitted the seats with a richly decorative brocaded fabric trimmed with color-contrasting welting. The doors, dashboard and remainder of the interior are trimmed in supple hide and Mercedes Benz-quality carpeting. Power windows, brakes, steering and air conditioning are standard.


  • Assembled and painted by Gary Brown of Brown’s Metal Mods in Port Leyden, NY.
  • Interior by Jerry Ambrosi of Master Upholstery of Newton, NJ
  • Performance tuned by Koala Motorsports in Novelty, OH
  • Chrome plating by Finishing Touch of Chicago
  • Paint by House of Kolor
  • Chassis by Fat Man Fabrications
  • Rims by Dayton Wire Wheel
  • Excelsior tires by Coker

delahaye usa gif1 pacific