2015 BMW M4 – HD Track Drive Video Shows Huge Exhaust Rumble and Serious Hot-Lap Pace

 Updated 10.15.14


 It takes more time than we had to fall in love with the BMW M4. Too perfect? That seemed to be my impression after hopping from the GT-R to the RC-F to the M4 and others within minutes of one another. Time was so tight at Autobahn Country Club that we came home without a single snap of this stunning new BMW.

Why? The car was swamped with people trying to drive it. Perhaps only the Challenger Hellcat or the BMW i8 were more in-demand that day. And as these reviews show — there were some stunning cars present for this Midwest Auto Media Association rally.

Overall, the M4 is amazingly rigid, smooth and suitably rapid on the track. But it is a car that takes time to master, versus some of the more idiot-proof cars that are fun instantly — like the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe.


After putting the new M3 through its digital paces in a configurator buyers guide this week…

…and the M4 through a design shootout with the Lexus RCF and Audi RS5, also this week ..

One thing is clear as day: the BMW M desire is burning hot.

But which to choose? The M4 has obvious advantages in the CDI charts – chicks dig it – as a high-performance, high-testosterone two-door supercoupe.

Which way do you lean in choosing among the four-door M3 and the new-badge M4 coupe?

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2015 BMW M4

2015 BMW M3

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