Financial Windfall? Dow 17,000 Car Shopping? Porsche 911 Carrera C4S

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What a year! As the world turns, 2014 has been a doozy on almost all counts. In any other market, bonuses doled out in early January would be modest at best.



Typical golden handcuffs of some kind… like future equity, etc.

But not this year.

Porsche Carrera 4 and C4S Animated GIF

Not with a stock market more bullish than — cue the announcer voice-over and drumroll — Your Very Own, ChicagoBULLS!


So in this year, hopefully your numbers are moving in the right direction.

2014 is set to be a major global comeback period, with big bets already placed.

Who are we betting in? The last reliable commodity or resource?



No better way to show that spirit than the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and C4S. These are the only non-50th-Anniversary models to receive the full-width LED light bar – among other benefits.


If my windfall were truly epic, which would I buy? Both!

2013 Carrera C4 Internals _1_ 2013 Carrera C4 Internals _2_ 2013 Carrera C4 Internals _3_

2014 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe

Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Black Carrera 4 Coupe - Silver _2_ 2013 Carrera C4S _13_ 2013 Carrera C4S _10_ 2013 Carrera C4S _9_ 2013 Carrera C4S _7_ c4s gif






2014 Porsche 911 Carrera C4S – Cabriolet

Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+White+_10_ Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+White+_9_ c4s gif Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+White+_8_ Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+White+_7_ Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+White+_6_ Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+White+_5_ Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+White+_4_ Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+White+_3_ Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+White+_2_ Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+White+_1_ Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+Blue+_11_ Carrera+4S+Cabriolet+-+Blue+_10_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Silver+_5_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Silver+_2_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Red+_10_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Red+_9_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Red+_8_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Red+_7_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Red+_6_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Red+_5_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Red+_4_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Red+_3_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Red+_2_ Carrera+4+Coupe+-+Red+_1_






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preview_011-tile preview_011-vert preview_012-tile preview_012-vert 2013 Carrera C4S _9_ Carrera 4 Coupe - Silver _2_Carrera+4+Coupe+-+BlackPorsche Carrera 4 and C4S Animated GIF