Ferrari 575 and 599 SuperAmerica Preview F12 Targa in 85 High-Res Monaco Photos

Right before Luca Di Montezemolo was canned at Ferrari last week, he let it slip that an exclusive new model would be coming to the LA auto show in November. That car is widely believed to be some sort of droptop F12 — very likely a Targa or rotating glass SuperAmerica variant. A full cabrio version with a hardtop is seen as unnecessary with the full convertible California model in the range.

We have seen this innovative idea before on a few concepts before 559 models were made for sale in 2005 and 2006 near the end of the 550/575 Maranello’s lifetime. So popular was the idea that the SuperAmerica actually earned 25-percent of total 550/575 sales over its full 2000-unit lifetime.

The viability of the idea for a glass roof targa is very enticing for all Ferrari models. A flat rear deck is almost all that is needed to spin the roof on its axis to fit flush to the trunklid.

We also saw the SuperAmerica 45 adapted from the 599 — so a SuperAmerica is not far-fetched for the F12.

Ferrari 599 SuperAmerica 45

The glass portion of the roof is electrochromic and can tint itself very dark in direct sunlight. The only downside is also a warning: if it starts raining with the top down, dry off the inside of the roof before powering it closed. If you do not, expect a bucket of water down your neck to remind you for next time!

2006 Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica

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