Toyota FT-1 Vision GT Now Playable in Gran Turismo! 100 New Dynamic Photos

Updated 9.16.14

Art Imitates Life.

Life Imitates Art.

Such a truism is very valid in the case of the FT-1 – which Toyota has just teased in its next form as a hard-core (virtual) racing special.

The FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo differs from the road-going version of the car in many standard race-ready ways.

Starting from the front: there is a much deeper aero package and chin spoiler, easy-off hood panels with racing latches, upgrades brakes and tires and huge fender-top slats to reduce any trapped air from the wheels.

These slats drastically reduce under-hood temps as well as being a serious asset for downforce. Why? Trapped wheel-well air pressure can de-stabilize a car and make it righ slightly higher than is optimal for ground-effects on the track.

The same slats appear above the rear fenders, where the rear diffuser adds a central LED fog lamp like a F1 car.

The FT-1 concept’s active real spoiler is replaced by a fixed wing that is mounted dramatically rear-ward of the car’s trunk — for max high-speed stability and long-tail effects to help actually cut drag at 150-mph-plus speeds.

So what is this Life/Art thing?

The FT-1 was initially approved via dynamic GT6 play by none other than Akio Toyoda himself, the head of the firm.

THen a concept hit real life in Detoit while the FT-1 street car became playable in GT6 by all.

Now the FT-1 appears to be on the road to real-life showrooms as the next Supra.

So back to Art: the FT-1 Vision GT racecar.

Will the FT-1 race in real life?

If the cycle of Art –> Life –> plays as usual: yes, yes it will.

Harmonics indicate the FT-1 is likely running a turbocharged inline-six engine. That is all we know. More turbo blow-off-valve harmonics than a BMW street car. But something less than a BMW racecar…. For now.


Toyota FT-1 Vision GT




Toyota FT-1 Digital Colorizer

The FT-1 Concept is the next Supra. It just is.

Toyota has commissioned a second prototype in a new color, so we’ve helped render the stunning Detroit 2014 FT-1 concept in 100-plus other shades to help them pick.

Sure, some are better than others. But totally changing the color of a car is not an easy thing to do! Nor is it a standard set of commands, even. Every photo is different in its needs.

Surprising is the black – which looks amazing!  This is the color most of the final-gen Supra’s ended up after years of modifications and tuning, so why not go with that color from day one?

A gloss primer grey also looks nice, but was not intentional. We made an error on Photoshop and would have had to start again to do the big color sequences. So only a few choices to see from the rear three-quarter angle – with the rest from the front.

The only color not included here is the one most likely to be the next prototype: white.

Oh well. Maybe next article =]

2014 TOYOTA FT-1 Digital Colorizer – 150 Shades of Future 2016 Toyota SUPRA TURBO

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