Concept Flashback – 2004 RANGE STORMER Previewed High-Design SUV Supercars

Updating the 2017 RR SuperSport renderings with the inspiration for many recent Range Rover style and design decisions.







Just some light entertainment this evening.

The inspiration is how impactful the 2003 Range Stormer concept was and is. The racy glasshouse with a deeply sloped windshield and rear glass was a shock at the time. But since that concept and the first Range Rover Sport, the design is looking less shocking.

In fact, the current RRS makes even the first-gen trucks look amazingly upright — to say nothing of the full-size Range Rover proper.

So what if the Range Stormer aesthetic from the Evoque met the current-gen Range Rover Sport?

Poof: RR SS!

The results of these drafts show a very Evoque-style design, which, frankly, does not look as sexy as initially imagined.

2017 Range Rover SuperSport


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