Concept Flashback – 2011 Nissan Esflow Showed Potential EV Mini-Z

Once upon a time…

As recently as the 2011 Tokyo auto show…

Nissan was more excited about its EV technology’s prospects, and less terrified by the scale of the huge EV investment that is still not working as we enter 2015.

The possibilities in 2011 seemed endless for new packaging and new powertrain layouts. No longer enslaved to front-drive or rear-drive platforms by engine location, the battery EV revolution was indeed promising.

But how to inject a little fun into the extremely dull and practical sales appeal of the Leaf EV.

Enter the ESFLOW concept.

With proportions and detailing like a Z-Car from the future, the ESFLOW is indeed quite promising.

In fact, the EV nature of its design now seems like the biggest issue for sports-car fans….

So much for saying ‘sayonara‘ to packaging constraints…!


2011 Nissan Esflow

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