Speculative Renderings – 2017 Range Rover SuperSport With Chop-Top Roofline Overhaul

Just some light entertainment this evening.

The inspiration is how impactful the 2003 Range Stormer concept was and is. The racy glasshouse with a deeply sloped windshield and rear glass was a shock at the time. But since that concept and the first Range Rover Sport, the design is looking less shocking.

In fact, the current RRS makes even the first-gen trucks look amazingly upright — to say nothing of the full-size Range Rover proper.

So what if the Range Stormer aesthetic from the Evoque met the current-gen Range Rover Sport?

Poof: RR SS!

The results of these drafts show a very Evoque-style design, which, frankly, does not look as sexy as initially imagined.

2017 Range Rover SuperSport


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