2015 Noble M600 Carbon Sport Takes Supercar Fight to Koenigsegg, Zenvo and Hennessey

Mid-engine supercars are not just hard to design and manufacture. They are hard every step of the way: sales, marketing, performance, reliability, safety and emissions….

The list goes on. What is humdrum daily life for millions of Toyota Corolla’s is far tougher to achieve in the hypercar realm. This applies to the big names as well as the new-comers like Noble, for whom the M600 is really just their second all-new car.

The key difference in how the Noble approaches the Supercar / Hypercar divide is defined in one term: handling balance.

Unlike the handful of other rear-drive, ultra-exotic cars with a $400,000-plus price tag — the Noble team is not compromising on chassis designs.

The RUF CTR3 might barely carry a nut or bolt from the Cayman in its racing suspension, but the key points will still be mapped in advance.

Noble’s goal with the M600 was to define all these hard points themselves — for the optimal driving experience.

Luckily for supercar shoppers in Asia and the UK where the M600 is sold, the Noble Cars team has aced the hardest supercar test — making a 650-horsepower, mid-engine car drive neautrally and naturally with few nasty surprises. This speaks to the Noble Cars expertise with the ultra-short M12 — a car whose tiny wheelbase puts any handling tweak under the microscope — as well as a general design excellence from day one.

Sure, the twin-turbocharged V8 might share its block with the Yamaha V8 run by Volvo for a few years. But guess what else the Yamaha engineers created?

The LF-A V10 from Lexus — which is sure to be known in history as one of the best-sounding supercar motors ever made.

The M600 Carbon Sport edition drapes the bare carbon in a lovely paint glaze that is semi-transparent and very glossy. The lower air channels and spoilers are a new ddesign, which the skinny-spoke new alloy wheels are a fantastic update for the M600’s brutal, macho style essence.



2015 Noble M600 Carbon Sport


Top Speed

225mph (estimated)

0-120 mph

8.9 seconds (Autocar)


Yamaha V8 4439cc Twin Turbo


650bhp @ 6800rpm


604lb ft @ 3800rpm

Power to Weight

542bhp per tonne


Graziano 6 speed manual


Mid, longitudinal, rear wheel drive


Stainless sheet steel tub with tubular space frame


Carbon Fibre Composite


Power assisted rack and pinion


Independent double wishbones with coil over shock absorbers front and rear roll bars

Front Brakes

Alcon 380mm semi-floating discs with six piston calipers

Rear Brakes

Alcon 350mm discs with four piston calipers


Forged aluminium alloy

Front Wheels


Rear Wheels



Michelin Pilot Sport

Front Tyres


Rear Tyres


Fuel Capacity

68 litres










2015 Noble M600






Our reputation for producing incredibly quick and fine handling cars was established with the release of the M12 in 2001. This soon became a bench mark for its incredibly pliant ride, reassuring and precise handling and impressive power delivery, receiving almost universal praise from the world’s motoring press.

In 2006 Peter Dyson bought the company. An avid, uncompromising and knowledgeable collector of exotic cars and hugely successful business entrepreneur, Peter was also an M12 owner and a huge admirer of both Noble Automotive and the M12’s attributes.

Peter had a vision for the company. For some time he had noted that the cars in his collection giving the most enjoyable and rewarding driving experience, tended to be the ‘earlier’ models, none of which featured computer assistance. The later supercar offerings just did not reward the driver in quite the same way. Could we produce a modern supercar replicating this ‘analogue’ inspired driving reward and ‘purity’? Could we create a supercar that featured the Noble characteristic compliant and efficient chassis and performance (and much more) but also allowed the driver to be back in control?

The Noble M600 was born…




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