Meet The PAGANI USA Launch Fleet – Five 2015 PAGANI Huayra Hypercars at Quail 2014

Imagine the scene:

  • Brand-new Pagani Huayra Carbon.

  • Golf fairways and greens of The Quail in Carmel, California.

  • Earn morning dew.

  • Rear-drive, twin-turbo AMG V12.

Bottom line? The guys who put these cars in place early Friday August 16th have true throttle and impulse control.

How amazing would a few effortless wheel-spins be in this icy green surface?


Absolutely fantastic, orgasmic hypercar dreams in the flesh.

They are old-school hypercar HUGE, with a wider and lower stance than even the Lamborghini Diablo VT. The detailing of the bodywork is absolutely stellar and a maze of delight for the eye. Each of the carbon-fiber seams and angles can take the mind of a dizzy journey into the car’s engineering and legendary chassis strength.

Lots of crowds around the cars, but the blue one in paint or the white would be my choice over the two carbon and one matte-black Huayra featured here.


The hint is in the new front side-lights in yellow.

The Pagani Huayra is now available in the United States — and we are thrilled to welcome it!

The first two dealerships are LA and Miami, with more to come.


Official Pagani News Below.

San Cesario sul Panaro – Italy; San Francisco CA – USA

North America confirmed as strong market for Pagani

6 months 2014 results:
– 40% of total production delivered in the United States
– Strong demand for the Pagani Huayra
– Establishment of local base of operation in the US

Pagani Automobili is pleased to report the positive feedback from the US market. In the first 6 months of operations in 2014, the United States will have absorbed 40% of the total production, making it the single largest geographic market for the Pagani brand. The Pagani brand is present in the United States trough Pagani WorldWide, based in San Francisco, California, a subsidiary of Pagani Automobili SpA. Pagani WorldWide is responsible for the development of the US market and will provide after sales and customer support.
The Pagani Huayra is certified to comply with US EPA and CARB, with regards to environmental impact as well as NHSTA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards with regards to safety.
Pagani Automobili landed in North America, the official video:
Horacio Pagani, CEO and Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili SpA, Italy:
“We always knew that the demand for Pagani vehicles from the United States was very high.  The Pagani Huayra was the company’s most ambitous project so far.  Developing a high performance sportscar from scratch to be compliant with EU and US requirements was a challenge our engineers and designers faced with enthusiasm, to create a Pagani vehicle that could be enjoyed by virtually every potential customer, everywhere around the globe.
Pagani is the only small volume manufacturer in the world, who manufatures less than 100 vehicles per year and has both EU and US (EPA and CARB) certification for one of its models.  The enthusiastic feedback from our US customers and the commercial success only encourages us to further invest in the development of our products”.

Francesco Zappacosta, CEO of Pagani Worldwide, San Francisco:
“In 2011 Pagani unveiled its brand in the United States, in 2013 we started to establish a local presence for the Pagani in the United States, Pagani Worldwide.  We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we receive from our customers and we are thrilled at the prospect of seeing Pagani becoming a household name for sports cars in the United States.
We are only at the very beginning of Pagani’s US operations and our continuous efforts and investments will make sure that the only the best of service is available to our Pagani fleet in the United States”.


2015 PAGANI Huayra Carbon












2015 PAGANI Huayra Carbon

Matte Black


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