Green/Green/Green 2014 McLaren P1 Proves The Golden Rule at Pebble Beach

The golden rule being: he who has the gold makes the rules!

This P1 is certainly one of the most outrageous hypercars of 2014 – customized by McLaren Special Operations to have a green tint to every surface, even the exposed carbon-fiber sections and all over the cabin, of course.

It is quite polarizing, which is a polite way of saying many people absolutely hated it. But some really loved it as well.

In my opinion, the wheels are a trouble area. Flip those to white or dark grey/black — and this car might have the naysayers begging for a few photos with this green stunner.

Green 2014 McLaren P1


New header graphic for the site today!

It is pretty silly… but makes a fun statement, right?


Here are the base images, in case you are loving this green supercar trend as much as I am!

They are not as good up close… but who is, right?


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