This 2006 Maserati MC12 Corsa Is Only Street-Legal MC12 Racer In The World

The 2006 Maserati MC12 Corsa is a direct evolution of the FIA GT-winning MC12 series that started racing in 2005 — and won the series for five years running until 2009.

12 customer track specials of the GT1 car were produced for high-value Maserati clients — with the $1.7-million machine dubbed the MC12 Corsa.

Of the 12 made, none were ever intended to be used anywhere outside of a closed racetrack.

But this one, solitary car slipped through the net, snagged New York license plates, and has been “whippin’ on the freeway the NYC way” ever since.

We are thrilled it made its way to Pebble Beach to be with its Maserati family members. But how was the 3000-mile road trip, one wonders!?   =]


2006 Maserati MC12 Corsa

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