Video Ride-Along with Velocity Motorsports AMP Taxi! Lexus IS-F Trio Teaches Track Layout

Just as the Nurburgring has the BMW M5 ‘Ring Taxi’ — the AMP has the Lexus IS-F three-pack from Velocity Motorsports. Atlanta Motorsports Park is a brand-new track about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta. Combining huge elevation change and sharp, Tilke-designed bends — the AMP track is not easy to learn quickly.

A four-seat supercar is therefore critical to show rookies the lay of the land — both where to go fast and where to ease up. And where to hit the brakes hard at the end of the zero-visibility straight-away!

The Lexus IS-F is obviously a favorite around here, and a seriously quick lap of the AMP track with the pro trainers from Velocity Motorsports is the ideal intro to huge power, big grip and the magic of Torsen limited-slip rear differentials…!




Velocity AMP Taxi Lexus IS-F


Velocity AMP Taxi Lexus IS-F


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