Updated With 78 Pebble Beach Debut Photos – 2015 McLaren 650S Sprint

Updated 8.22.14

McLaren leverages all of its track-attack knowledge from the P1 GTR onto the 650S for the Sprint model, which is significantly quicker than the stock machine and will be on-par with pure racecars for pace around the world’s racetracks.

2015 McLaren 650S Sprint



Question: how much revenue will McLaren book directly from Pebble Beach 2014?

Answer: We estimate $20-million-plus – in five days.

The firm revealed another Pebble Beach debut moments ago: the 2014 McLaren 650S Sprint — track-only model that is mid-way between the 650S and the 650S GT3.

Among the other Pebble Beach debuts for McLaren — including the P1 GTR, 650S by McLaren Special Operations and the MSO P1 — the 650S Sprint is one of the most focused models available for regular track fiends.

By optimizing the 650S for racing with special aero, grip and suspension changes – the stock powerplant and transmission needs only modest ECU remapping the deliver the full race experience. Power figures are not yet known, but dropping road-car flap like airbags and power seats should be able to lop 300-plus pounds from the machine.

Will the 650S Sprint find a willing market among those who see the 650S GT3 as too hardcore, but the base 650S too soft?

If there is one place in the world to guarantee a Yes to these questions — it is Pebble Beach 2014.


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