540HP, 3.7s 2015 BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe Available in USA! Quickest BMW Ever Made?

Meet the first (and only) Alpina B6 in the United States at the moment.

This blue stunner is, in fact, the quickest BMW ever made.

The addition of AWD and a huge jump in twin-turbo V8 power means the Alpina B6 is more rapid to 60-mph than any other BMW. Ever.

This includes the M6, 1980 M1, 2015 M5 Jahre 30, i8, M4, M3…. Everything else is slower.


As well as the USA reveal of the Vision Future Luxury concept and M5 30th Anniversary, BMW’s Pebble Beach villa was packed with all the hottest metal in the range.

From M3’s and M4’s to i3’s and i8’s — the parking lot of the mansion was almost as newsworthy as the executive presentations and one-off concepts on show.

One such stunner parked quietly to the side is the Alpina B6, which is available in the USA for the first time ever as a 2015 model year.

The Alpina B6 is coming to America exclusively as a Gran Coupe, where its sexy style, power and equipment upgrade makes a strong case for itself versus the M6 Gran Coupe.

The key reasons for choosing the B6 over the M6 are:

— standard AWD traction in the Alpina

— Added exclusivity — perhaps 50 total cars will come over in 2015 to the US

— Cabin design and material choices from the almost limitless Alpina custom leather and suede gallery

— A more comfortable ride

— Quicker than the M6 thanks to the xDrive and 540-horsepower engine

— Factory exhaust upgrade to free the sonic delights of this engine much more than the stock M6

That is a good list.

Pricing for the Alpina B6 Gran Coupe in the USA is from $118,000, and the car can be special-ordered now as a 2015 model from BMW showrooms nationwide.


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The all-new BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe


The all-new BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe takes power and elegance to the next level.



The ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe’s 4.4-liter ALPINA Bi-Turbo V8 engine boasts 540-horsepower and 540 lb-ft of torque. It also features an impressive 8-speed Sport auto transmission with ALPINA Switch-Tronic software and BMW’s xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system.


Fitted with ALPINA’s specially designed front apron, front spoiler and quad tailpipes, it’s hard not to notice the ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe’s stunning, one of a kind accents.

ALPINA Exclusive Features

This specially designed model features an exclusive LAVALINA leather steering wheel and all the unique ALPINA badging. The attention to detail is visible from every ALPINA emblem to the optional ALPINA Blue and ALPINA Green paintwork.


Produced in relatively low volumes, the exclusive ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe is a truly unique vehicle that you won’t see every day.

The 2015 BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe

ALPINA’s unique blend of super-high performance and individuality in a
stunningly beautiful 6 Series Gran Coupe body and featuring xDrive.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – March 4, 2014 … Today BMW announced the launch of the
new BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe. The 2015 BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran
Coupe will make its North American debut at the New York International Auto Show in
April and will go on sale immediately thereafter. Pricing will be $118,225, including $925
destination and handling.

The BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe delivers exceptional 0 to 60 mph acceleration
in only 3.7 seconds. The 540-horsepower and 540 lb-ft output of the 4.4-liter ALPINA BiTurbo V8 is channeled through an 8-speed sport automatic transmission with ALPINA
Switch-Tronic and BMW’s xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system.

A carefully tuned high-performance stainless steel ALPINA exhaust system with twin
elliptical tailpipes resonates with a deep but unobtrusive exhaust note.

Electronic Damping Control and Active Roll Stabilization technology work together with
the fully variable torque distribution of the xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system. The
seamless integration of chassis and powertrain enables agile and neutral driving dynamics
that meet the highest demands for sportiness, comfort and all-weather traction.

With a top speed of 198 MPH, the BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe impresses not
only through its effortless and confident super-high performance, but also with its finely
balanced handling and smooth refinement.

Elegant and functional aerodynamic design.

Typical ALPINA design features blend stylishly into the elegant lines of the B6 Gran
Coupe, accentuating its dynamic and powerful appearance. The delicate and refined 20”
ALPINA CLASSIC 21-spoke wheels complement the long and smooth contours of the
B6 Gran Coupe.As beautiful as the ALPINA design features are, the aerodynamic elements are also fully
functional. The front apron with integrated, slightly protruding splitter elements directs
airflow over and around the body rather than underneath the vehicle, thus contributing to
increased high speed aerodynamic stability.

The front apron was carefully designed to provide sufficient airflow for the cooling needs
of the powertrain, directing air to the intercooler, as well as to the different heat exchanger
elements for coolant and oil. The 14.7 inch diameter front brake rotors and the 13.6 inch
diameter rear brake rotors benefit from NACA ducts at the front of the underbody to
direct cold air towards them.

Handcrafted interior with the finest materials.

The ALPINA exclusive LAVALINA leather is used to cover the hand-stitched steering
wheel, door sill trims are highlighted with an illuminated ALPINA logo and exclusive
ALPINA Myrtle wood or Piano Black trim finishes are available.

A wide range of individualization possibilities are available for ALPINA customers. The
BMW Individual and the ALPINA equipment ranges are available to create a truly unique
vehicle using the Gran Coupe body as a canvas for the personal preferences of BMW
ALPINA B6 drivers. Exclusive ALPINA exterior colors available for the BMW ALPINA B6
xDrive Gran Coupe include ALPINA Blue and ALPINA Green.

The ALPINA factory.

As is the case with every other BMW ALPINA vehicle, the B6 Gran Coupe body is
manufactured in the BMW 6 Series factory (Plant Dingolfing) and hand finished with
select ALPINA powertrain components and interior equipment at the ALPINA factory in
Buchloe, Germany. This production sequence extends the production schedule by
approximately two weeks.

The BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe is available as a special order vehicle with
limited-capacity production. European Delivery at the BMW Welt delivery center in
Munich is available for the BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe as is delivery at the
BMW Performance Center in South Carolina. Customers can even choose both, if they


Exterior – Exciting Details, Functional Aerodynamics

The BMW 6 Series is marked by an elegant and dynamic design as well as excellent aerodynamic properties. ALPINA gives the new B6 Bi-Turbo a unique, powerful appearance which elegantly underlines the sporty character of this beautiful coupé and convertible.

The exterior components that influence the aerodynamic properties of the B6 Bi-Turbo are not just there for aesthetic reasons – their design is subject primarily to functional premises and plays a central role in achieving excellent high speed stability.

Take for example the front spoiler with the integrated carbon fibre front splitter. It causes more air to flow over and around the vehicle, simultaneously reducing the air masses which flow underneath by more than 10%. This leads to a noticeable stabilisation of the front-end at high speeds and plays a role in reducing any tendencies to understeer. The front spoiler, in conjunction with the rear spoiler, ensures that the B6 Bi-Turbo is very well tethered. Uplift on the front axle is reduced by 14% and tends towards a value of zero on the rear axle from a speed of 150km/h. Instead of the rear spoiler, the Coupé is also available with a rear wing – which despite an impressive visual impact, fits precisely the contours of the rear area and reduces drag.

All these components also ensure the effective flow of air to various cooler groups, such as the inter-coolers and engine cooling system. One special detail: the high- performance brakes, with a diameter of 374mm front and 345mm rear, are additionally supplied with cooling air by a specially constructed NACA air intake on the front underbody.

The double tailpipes, with a slightly elliptical shape in typical ALPINA style, are designed in titanium and carry small logos that make discreet reference to the origins of the ALPINA exhaust system made by Akrapovič. The rear valence, which attractively and elegantly frames the outlet of the tailpipes, additionally integrates the features of a diffuser.


Blue ALPINA instruments with high resolution information display with black panel LCD technology. A sport steering wheel, hand-stitched in LAVALINA leather. Blue illumi-nated entry sills with logo. Or the classic ALPINA luxury wood – an exclusive burl wood of the laurel family, which grows only on the Pacific coast of the USA. These are just some of the elegant features of the interior that point to the exclusive origins of the B6 Bi-Turbo – just for connoisseurs.

Naturally, no limits are set on the personal predilections of customers. From the paintwork to the interior trims to the colour of the upholstery – everything offered by the ex-tensive BMW and ALPINA equipment range is available. Seldom does a BMW ALPINA leave Buchloe without making use of the virtually limitless personalisation options of-fered by the ALPINA Manufaktur. Our philosophy dictates that the customer can design his or her own individual interior – made by skilled craftsmen in our leather workshop.

The B6 Bi-Turbo features an extensive range of standard equipment, including leather upholstery, fully adjustable comfort seats with heating system, navigation system with preparation for Bluetooth mobile phone, USB audio interface, Xenon lights and LED fog lights.

Chassis & Suspension


Advanced electronic suspension technologies such as Dynamic Damper Control (electronically adjustable dampers) and Adaptive Drive (active roll stabilisation) work together with the fully variable torque distribution of the all-wheel drive system to achieve very neutral, agile driving dynamics which meet the highest demands on comfort and sportiness. Maximum traction, especially on slick road surfaces or in wintery weather make the B6 Bi-Turbo Gran Coupé a perfect companion in all conditions.

High-performance convertibles and large grand coupés place special demands on their chassis – requiring distinct levels of comfort for easy cruising, safe and neutral handling at high speeds, and light-footed agility for the moments in between. In order to do justice to this broad spectrum of requirements, the new B6 Bi-Turbo features the latest electronic suspension technologies and comes with Dynamic Damper Control (electronically adjustable dampers) and Dynamic Drive (active roll stabilisation) as standard.

This system has been artfully calibrated by ALPINA and is tied into other system parameters controlling steering assistance, torque cushioning and the Dynamic Stability Control system. Featuring pronounced Comfort+, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes, the B6 Bi-Turbo transitions effortlessly from cultivated luxury convertible to thorough-bred sports car.

Specific springs, increased front wheel camber and a subtle adjustment of the toe-in in conjunction with a 20” wheel-tyre combination all serve to produce a very agile chassis set-up. The lightweight 20” ALPINA CLASSIC wheels, with MICHELIN PILOT SUPER SPORT tyres, contribute significantly to the direct handling and precise steering. Conventional tyres are used to promote ride comfort.

Technical Data

B6 BITURBO Gran Coupé SWITCH-TRONIC All-wheel drive




Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height, unladen (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Track, front (mm)


Track, rear (mm)


Luggage capacity (l)

460 – 1265

Fuel tank capacity (l)




Unladen (kg)


Max permissible (kg)


Permitted load (kg)


Max axle load, front (kg)


Max axle load, rear (kg)





V8 90°

Capacity (cc)


Bore (mm)


Stroke (mm)


Compression ratio (:1)


Max output (kW (hp) / 1/min)

397 (540) / 5200-6250

Max torque (Nm / 1/min)

730 / 2800-5000

Engine management


Fuel type

Super Plus

Emissions classification

Euro 6




8-Speed Sport-Automatic ZF 8HP70 SWITCH-TRONIC

















Final drive ratio




Acceleration 0-100km/h (s)


Top speed (km/h)


Fuel consumption *


Urban (l/100km)


Extra-urban (l/100km)


Combined (l/100km)


CO² emissions (g/km)


Efficiency category


Wheels and tyres


Standard wheels and tyres



8,5 x 20 255/35 ZR20


9,5 x 20 285/30 ZR20

* Information on fuel consumption and CO² emissions according to 1999/94/EG:

Further information on specific fuel consumption and specific CO² emissions of new passenger cars is given in „Leitfaden über den Kraftstoffverbrauch, die CO²-Emissionen und den Stromverbrauch neuer Personenkraftwagen” which can be obtained free of charge at all points of sale and from the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Helmut-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen.


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