Update1 – The Porsche Story in 99 Rare Photos – A Legacy of Victory

Porsche is ambitious to a fault. It is a core brand trait to excel in almost every single way –

To the point where many thought a win at LeMans this year was almost an inevitability.

Preparation, research, expertise and brilliance…. Equals: Porsche Racing.

So when the 919 suffered out on the track, it was partial global surprise and partial relief. I mean, if Porsche could come in and snatch the title from Audi after 12 near-consecutive wins for Audi Motorsport — what does that really “say” about Audi?

Nothing too flattering. So a bit of a relief, a bit of a letdown, and a bit of humanity showing through the titanium Porsche shield.

Lest we not forget, Porsche has been victorious at LeMans more than any other company — including the Auto Union guys with the four-ring badge.

Here is a look back at some of Porsche’s greatest hits, starting with the innovative machine designed by Ferdinand Porsche when he worked for Audi’s predecessor brand.

Update1 – The Porsche Story in 99 Rare Photos – A Legacy of Victory



2014 Porsche 919 LMP1


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