REGULA EXCLUSIVE Bodykits for Audi R8, Porsche Panamera and Porsche Cayenne Are Wild!

The best way to really make a splash at Pebble Beach is to bring a car that no one has ever seen before.

This can be a supercar that is not sold in the USA, a priceless classic, or a mad style upgrade to an existing performance car. When it comes to these hyper tuner cars – the louder the visual impact of the upgrades, the better.

Germany’s Regula Exclusive is certainly aware of these facts. The actual products on sale here are the nose, sides and tail body kit upgrades.

But the icing on the cake are the wild wheels and styling packages each car wears.

These will definitely pull long stares on any main street or concours fareway — even Spyglass Hill at Pebble Beach.


REGULA EXCLUSIVE Bodykits for Audi R8, Porsche Panamera and Porsche Cayenne



Bodykit manufactured in Carbon!
2009 was heralded by a world-wide thunderclap of the official launch of sales of the Porsche Panamera model. The makers in Zuffenhausen had aimed an order of 20.000 units for the year of the production start of these four-door Coupés. In ten months, in spite of prophecies of doom, 20.600 items were already sold.

Those who think now, that such a Porsche Panamera had automatically reached the highest level after leaving the factory premises, mistaken enormously. Thus, the company REGULA Exclusive in North-Rein Westphalia Schwerte (near Dortmund) has tackled this issue with a special kind of body kit. The kit system consisting of front and rear apron and side skirts is normally made of a high-quality flexible polyester-polyurethane-mixture and is primed outside. If necessary, like in this case, the complete body kit is also available for an extra fee in full carbon-version, outside primed. An absolutely perfect fitting is guaranteed due to manufacturing relevant parts of the highest quality. Equipped with original serial fastening points, relative fast assembly is possible, since no changes to the vehicle must be made. The carbon-kit affects the account by 7.498 Euro, but also fits for all Panamera-models. REGULA Exclusive offers painting and assembly service on the premises.

In addition to the assembled rims in 10×22 and 11,5×22 inches from the seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of Schmidt Revolution offers REGULA Exclusive, the refiner from Schwerte, for the Panamera Turbo, which comes along with not to be underestimated 500 Series -PS, for price of 1.698 Euro a Chip-Box, through which the swabian family athlete will benefit from an increase in power to lively 605 PS. Entirely appropriate for the athlete from Zuffenhausen.

More about this Porsche Panamera directly at REGULA Exclusive
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Since many years, the REGULA Tuning company is the paragon of perfection for tuning parts with highest precision, not only among experts in the surroundings of the idyllic German town of Schwerte but also largely beyond. In most of cases the front and rear spoilers and the side skirts are installed on Audi vehicles in the form of car body kits, but in special cases – just like this one – as carefully selected samples of other brands. Thanks to the choice of premium raw material, the different hang-on parts are in the same way robust as also precisely fitting, at any time subjected to the extremely severe house-own quality control. In addition to that, using a special gel coating the parts are highly flexible with extremely smooth surface – fact reducing the painting costs. Because of the fact that the professional fabrication is made in Germany having a well established quality assurance system, all aerodynamically relevant parts used by REGULA EXCLUSIVE having a TUV-certified technical component report.

In the present case, the team of REGULA-EXCLUSIVE chose a Porsche Cayenne 958. For it, besides the front apron, side skirts and rear apron, there have been mounted in the true sense of the word custom made wing enlargements. This way, the somewhat reserved elegance of the serial car body gets a sportive-dynamic top shape. As a matter of course, all „spare-parts“ are fitted to the original fixing points. As quasi give-away are to be mentioned the LED blink lights with day light fares and the exhaust apertures. Fortunately, the car body kit for Euro 8,900.00 matches to all Cayenne 958 series models. The brillant culmination is without any doubts the great particular kind wheel-tire-combination with perfectly matching to the Cayenne rims five double spokes each in 11×23 inches, dressed by 315/25 Dunlop Supersport tires. This real gem demands another 3,998.00 Euro.
For more information concerning this “gorgeous” Cayenne or many other car body kits please contact directly
An der Silberkuhle 1a
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Phone +49 2304 97 87 539

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