FIRST-EVER FERRARI DRIVE. In HD. On RACETRACK – Ferrari F430 Scuderia at Velocity Motorsports Atlanta Track Drive

Absolute heaven for any car guy.

First-ever drive in a Ferrari is… where? An all-new, high-speed road course that is known for its huge and very exciting elevation changes: Atlanta Motorsports Park.

With only a few short laps, it was hard to press the F430 Scuderia hard – which is obviously the speed the car prefers.

Sensory overload – sold daily at Velocity Motorsports in Atlanta!

The pricing starts from about $250 with a choice of cars ahead of your visit, and the chance to upgrade to extra laps in the rest of the Velocity Motorsports fleet.

First deep throttle at 2:23 below.


Here is the in-car camera — but the sound is messed up.

2008 Ferrari F430 Scuderia


What is the ‘supercar paradox’?

The supercar paradox is that ‘newer is always 1000X better.’

But on a sunny day at a gorgeous racetrack, is newer really better, though? For what, exactly? Impressing people?


The term ‘starfucker’ — or maybe just ‘starstruck’ — really defines how speechless and shy one can become around any seriously exotic supercar.

Sure, in the car mags — it is all about the latest and greatest. This month’s hottest cars – with a heavy emphasis on anything new or special. This is the template we know and love in the academic car world of Porsche posters.

In that mode, you might think of the 2005-2008 F430 Berlinetta as a little outdated, a little outshined by the 458 Italia.

But let me tell you: in the flesh, with the engine running and potential to run a few hot laps with the F430 — the car is nothing short of a movie-star idol in my eyes.

Am I a supercar ‘starfucker’ ? Someone who might trash a celeb then guffaw over them at a party or random airport sighting?

Yes, yes I am. Oh, you are a washed-up TV star? Let me giggle and stare at you all night long!!

So for the uninitiated, the presence and magnetism of the Ferrari F430 is potent and powerful. After a few years on the hollywood circuit, you might start to wish for the newest and highest-grossing box-office talent like the 458.

But for the true supercar drama and presence, the outgoing F430 model is just as dynamite on the track.

Here are a few definitions of a Starfucker – some of which apply to demanding a 458, when the F430 will give you all the thrills of a race-bred exotic supercar for a lot less.

Upon review… the last definition below might not apply here.

PART THREE – Don’t be a starfucker. Beat the Supercar Paradox with a pre-loved exotic.


someone who thinks some brief nearly non-existent connection with some great legend practically makes them a great legend too.

“ok thrill me already – so you slept in David Bowie’s hotel bed like three years after he checked out – woohoo – what a starfucker.”


Someone that shallowly idolizes and apologizes for celebrities just because they are celebrities in the hope that they can one day be lifted to their iconic level. They are the Hollywood version of a fanboy.


a verb referring to the act of fucking in a Starbucks public bathroom

“The Frappuccinos made us very horny so we decided to Starfuck.”

“We used the whipped cream from our lattes to Starfuck.”


 Ferrari F430 Scuderia at Velocity Motorsports

2007 Ferrari F430

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