3.4s Radical SR3 SL Startup Video and 70 High-Res Photos at Atlanta Motorsports Park

Any Radical in the USA is fantastic to experience up close, especially in its native environment: the racetrack.

The Radical SR3 SL here is the only two-seat model in the United States – so it is:

a) the quickest car around almost any racetrack — including the Nurburgring, where Radical has long held an unbeat-ably quick pace in the 6.44-second SR8. The SR3 SL is no slouch either: its roughly 7:00-second Nordeshleiffe lap is still in the top 20 for any kind of car, racers included.

b) one of the only street-legal track cars of this caliber of performance

c) a two-seater!

Amazing stuff.  45 original, super-high-res photos of this SR3 SL at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Plus 30 or so photos of the latest official Radical SR3 SL photos.


Radical SR3 SL


The SR3 SL flatters on all levels: performance, handling, styling and specification.

At the heart of the SR3 SL beats the advanced Ford EcoBoost engine. Turbocharged and with 300 bhp, it has direct fuel injection and a fly-by-wire throttle, coupled to a six-speed paddleshift to allow for lightning-quick 80ms gear changes.

Protected by a lightweight spaceframe chassis that’s tested and approved to FIA sportscar racing standards, and an aluminium honeycomb crash structure developed at Cranfield’s Formula One testing facility, you’re driving the safest car of its type.

Fully-floating 280mm disc brakes at the front and rear provide stopping power beyond the abilities of any other supercar. Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche owners should watch their mirrors… no other road car comes close, or passes, on a track day.

Performance figures:
  • 0-60mph: 3.4 seconds           (Porsche 911 Carrera: 4.6 seconds)
  • 0-100mph: 8.4 seconds
  • 60-0mph: 2.67 seconds
  • Vmax: 161mph
  • Length: 4.10m
  • Height: 1.13m
  • Width: 1.79m
  • Dry weight: 775kg

Standard specification:

  • 300bhp RPE-Ford 2000cc, turbocharged engine with split-event direct injection, twin-independent variable cam timing, fly-by-wire throttle and LIFE bespoke engine management

  • Six-speed sequential transaxle with integral Quaife ATB differential

  • Paddleshift gear change with auto-blipper

  • Lightweight spaceframe chassis with FIA compliant safety cell and crash structure

  • Full road lighting and bodywork

  • Intrax adjustable suspension optimised for road and track use

  • 280mm, 48-vane fully-floating disc brakes front and rear with

    four-pot calipers


A true ‘world’ supercar, the SR3 RS is as much at home flat-out through Eau Rouge, as it is providing passenger rides for your friends around the Nordschleife.

It is the world’s most successful sports-racer, with over 900 satisfied customers. The SR3 RS is a sure-footed, highly-developed racer, adept and rapid in the hands of both the novice trackday driver, and seasoned racing professional.

The SR3 RS is powered by the Powertec four-cylinder range of engines, from 1340cc to 1500cc and beyond. It’s a proven classwinner, not only in Radical’s single-marque race series such as the Radical SR3 Challenge, but many other multi-marque championships around the world too.

First launched in 2002, the SR3 RS incorporates a six-speed sequential transmission, and drives via the Power Drive gear drive system, developed in partnership with Quaife especially for the SR3. With an integral torque-biasing differential, this reliable, easy-to-maintain unit is one of the SR3 RS’s strengths, offering strong traction out of corners. Swapping gear ratios to suit specific tracks is a straightforward job.

Four-pot callipers, with vented discs on each corner, endear the SR3 RS with awesome stopping power.

The SR3 RS features Radical’s FIA-specification crash box and central safety cell, whilst styling cues taken from the SR9 LMP2 car, including the high-nose front-end, offer not only dramatic styling, but also advanced aerodynamics, with a full-underfloor diffuser for leech-like grip. Dunlop tyres, developed exclusively for the SR series, complete the package.

An ergonomic and comfortable twin-seat cockpit makes the SR3 RS an ideal trackday car and endurance racer, with in-built LIFE engine management and datalogging, and an advanced AiM LCD dash/multifunction display. Centre-locking wheels, and optional air jacks mean that, should the weather turn, the switch from slick to wet tyres is rapid and easy.


SR3 RS Overview







Min Weight:

570 kg

Max Speed::



3.1 sec


5.3 sec

Braking G’s:


Cornering G’s:


SPA Laptime:

2m 25sec

SR3 RS Standard Features

  • Two-seater, powder-coated carbon steel spaceframe chassis with integral safety cell – complying with FiA Production Sports Car Safety Structure Test

  • Aluminium honeycomb front crash structures complying with FiA Production Sports Car Crash Test

  • Removable forward facing steel chassis stays

  • 54 litre foam-filled aluminium fuel tank mounted behind the driver within the safety cell

  • Fully adjustable pedal box

  • Driver seat-belt complying with FiA requirements

  • Powertec 1340cc 4-cylinder double overhead cam engine, dry sump with remote oil reservoir & oil cooler

  • Engine performance: 210bhp, 130ft/Ibs, 10,500rpm

  • Electrical pump to circulate water to prevent heat soak

  • Four butterfly, 41mm fuel injection system with composite ram air box

  • Lightweight steel flywheel with multi-plate clutch

  • Stainless steel manifold and silencer

  • Six speed sequential transverse gearbox

  • Gear drive system incorporating torque-biasing limited-slip differential for seamless diff lock-up, interchangeable gear ratios and integral reverse gear system

  • PowerTec transmission oil pump and radiator

  • Fully adjustable Nik suspension system front and rear – unequal length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, forged centre lock hubs and interchangeable anti-roll links

  • Single-adjustable, coil-over dampers

  • Radical four-pot calipers front and rear

  • 260mm dia. 25mm, 30-vane ventilated discs front and rear

  • Radical centre lock, cast aluminium wheels – 8″ × 15″ dia. front and 10½” × 16″ dia. rears

  • Dunlop bespoke slick tyres

  • Six-piece lightweight fibre-glass bodywork with self-coloured gel coat finish

  • Owners name on side of cockpit

  • High downforce composite front diffuser with removable, high-nose, low-drag front section

  • Central brake cooling duct connected to carbon composite brake cooling shrouds

  • Wheel arch louvres front and rear

  • Rear view mirrors

  • Quick-release front cockpit fairing

  • Composite side pods with air management system and radiator inlet

  • Composite side skirts

  • Removable composite tail section with integral induction intake and ventilation grilles

  • High downforce bi-plane rear wing with end plates

  • Rear brake and fog lights

  • Moulded composite, high-sided, drivers and passenger seats with adjustable mounts

  • Carbon-composite dash surround

  • Quick-release steering wheel with collapsible column

  • Radical display unit incorporating an LED analogue rev counter, gear indicator, shift light, four LCD displays of engine parameters/speed and warning lights

  • Dash-mounted brake bias adjuster



  • High-downforce road/trackday ‘Monaco’ tri-plane rear
    spoiler and diffuser
  • Multi-function steering wheel with integral indicators, horn and head light controls
  • Sculpted LCD dash with warning lights and momentary switches
  • Cockpit heater and courtesy light
  • Electrically-adjustable heated mirrors
  • Remote engine immobilizer
  • Moulded, fully-adjustable racing seat with integral headrest and multi-point harness
  • 12V auxiliary socket

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