999Motorsports USA SuperSport Mk1 is 400HP Mid-Engine Track Attack Special – Mk2 Available to Order Now!

 999Motorsports USA SuperSport Mk1 is 400HP Mid-Engine Track Attack Special – Mk2 Available to Order Now!

Think that the open-cockpit Ariels, Radicals or Caterhams are the best-value, quickest and most-thrilling track day cars on the planet?

For serious racers with Porsche 911 Supercups and RSR’s all around – there is one American track special that can beat the legend: the SuperSport999.

999 Motorsports USA is the local development and engineering center for this quick lap demon that has swept Asia and France already since 2012.

The 14 cars built so far are absolutely purpose-built racers with a mid-engine layout plus a central driving position around the racing chassis.

400-plus horsepower is on tap from the 2.0-liter Chevrolet EcoTec3 engine with the bespoke tuning, mechanical upgrades and giant 20G turbocharger.

Ultra light weight is combined with a full bodyshell making the SuperSport Mk1 and now the Mk2 the fastest track lapper you’ve never seen before…

This Mark 1 car at Atlanta Motorsports Park is just the first 2012 iteration of the design – with all the current Mk2 cars integrating the latest tech, handling, aero and power boosts of the rumored GTX. The Mark 2 cars are on sale now with a ready-to-race order process that sees a fully completed and track-ready machine shipped to your door in about three months.

Pricing starts from $100,000 — which is one-third the cost of the 911 Supercup benchmark for this amazing beast’s laptime performance.

999Motorsports USA SportSport Mk1





The Supersport Mk2 is delivered truly race ready. Add fluids and fuel, set tire pressures, belt in, and go! Standard equipment and specifications:



























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