2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo is Track Star With A Trailer Tow Bar!

SuperTruck? Muscle Truck? SuperSUV?

What is the best descriptor for ultra-high-performance crossovers? Still being determined, it seems.

But when you see this Cayenne Turbo parked outside the Atlanta Motorsports Park private garages, next to a GT-R and while the guys inside work on their Radical SR3 SL and a few formula racers… you get it.

Best of the best only.

Porsche GT3 office chairs….!?



The Cayenne Turbo is unlike 99-percent of other SUVs. It will keep up with a GT-R on the track, and make the driver of a base Carrera 911 very nervous about his times. It will not cook its brakes or lose pace with every lap like the SRT Grand Cherokee or ML63 AMG. It will be faster and louder and more fun than the BMW X5 M.

Then at the end of the track day, back to being one Porsche that can tow six other Porsches.

A stunning machine.

2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo



The current Cayenne series has been on U.S. streets since 2011, but it sure does not feel like it. These trucks all still really deliver a massive visual punch versus standard cars or SUVs.

A second magic thing for the Cayenne gen2? There really is not a bad-looking one in the bunch. Some may recall the first cars looking amazing in full Turbo kit, and slowly becoming less and less macho with every tiny new engine introduced.

That is really no longer the case. The below cars are the Turbo, the GTS and the Cayenne S in descending order. All look very purposeful, uniquely sporting and quite masculine.

For this series — even more new non-turbo-V8 options for shoppers. The Cayenne S Hybrid is a fantastic proposition for many, with around-town refinement that is tops among perhaps any/all Porsche vehicles so far.

The 2013-launched Cayenne Diesel is also quite handsome in this Alaskan photo shoot. A bit of dark humor definitely present and accounted for with the Porsche teams: Alaska is not only a beautiful place to go on vacation, but it has the fewest-Americans-per-square-mile (in America) honor as well.

I’ve noticed this humorous (to me) trait in Clarkson’s visit’s as well. He really likes Nevada. Which is the second-least-populous state we have in the union. Just slightly funny to me, for some reason. It makes sense. I would be super annoyed by us as well.

The Pricing of the 2014 Cayenne range is broad, but overall: the models all look great. Customized with dark rims and the roofrack-delete option: there are a few white and silver ones right after my own style/heart.

  • Cayenne $49,600

  • Cayenne Diesel  $56,600

  • Cayenne Platinum Edition  $63,300

  • Cayenne Diesel Platinum Edition  $66,900


  • Cayenne S $66,800



  • Cayenne S Hybrid $70,900
    Cayenne GTS  $83,300


  • Cayenne Turbo $110,400
    Cayenne Turbo S  $146,000

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